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Fusion of Yoga and Pilates exercises for multiple benefits

In the article I share what I learned about Fusion of Yoga and Pilates exercises for multiple benefits. People are often confused about yoga and Pilates exercises as they appear to be quite similar to each other. Let us first see watch these exercise forms actually are.

Fusion of Yoga and Pilates exercises for multiple benefits

Yoga is a practice that originated in ancient India and emphasises on not just exercising the body and the mind but also stimulating the soul to bring about a sense of heightened consciousness. This involves executing different poses along with proper breathing techniques. It has been observed that regular yoga practise is able to ward off diseases and keep the body youthful.

On the other hand, Pilates is a relatively new regime that has been initiated in the early 20th century by a German called Joseph Pilates. Since this boy had been ailing till 14 years of age, he tried to regain his health and hence invented this regimen of over 500 movements. The muscles-strengthening exercises and breathing styles impart greater strength and stamina to the body.

The Merger – Yoga and Pilates Exercises

As you can see, essentially both the exercises operate on the same principles. Yoga however, being so very old has substantiated its worth time and again. Yoga does help the body to cope with any internal or external ailment. On the other hand, Pilates ensures that body becomes like an arrow in a quiver – strong and balanced. The fusion of yoga and Pilates exercise combines the strength of these exercises into one form, making it easier for people who are supporters of both regimes to practise both.

As soon as you begin yoga and Pilates exercise you will really experience great inner peace and attentiveness of mind and body. Pilates is remarkably good for improving the muscle power, and hence even doctors recommend the exercise to people who have weak backs, leg pain and other such problems.

The yoga and Pilates exercises makes certain that the mind is also included as an integral part of the overall exercise regime. The mind needs to be coerced and shaped to control destructive thoughts that occur in our minds all the time. Both yoga and Pilates exercises concentrate on channelising the power of the mind into self-healing and also propose techniques for calming down.

Together, yoga and Pilates exercises impart great health benefits to people who follow the routine regularly. Even if a person opts to practise yoga and Pilates exercises twice or thrice a week, it is good enough to obtain benefits. The key is to understand and learn the philosophy underlying these exercises. Once you truly believe in its essence and pursue it religiously, you can be assured of not just a healthy body but also an alert mind that is calm and relaxed at the same time.

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