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Get it Right for Senior Walking

This article is about – Get it Right for Senior Walking. Walking is easy, you just do it. Right? Wrong. You should look at what you wear and make sure it is suitable. Here are five things to get right when you go walking.

Socks: You should always wear socks which absorb moisture and which fit well. Cotton socks are not good as they can retain sweat which can result in blisters. Modern walking socks are often made of synthetic looped material with extra comfort round toes and heels. In winter wear warm socks, but these should not be so thick that they make your boots tight and uncomfortable.

Get it Right for Senior Walking

Shoes: It depends where you are walking. Keep heavy hiking boots for just that – where you need a heavy sole and good ankle support. For general walking you need a lighter shoe with a flexible sole. Do not wear trainers, they get wet and are just not suitable for Senior Walking

Hat: Always carry a hat. In winter I use a woolly hat which I can put in my pocket. If it rains I pull my anorak hood over it, so that my head is warm and dry. In the summer a light hat can be worn, or folded and put in a pocket.

Clothes: Never wear too many clothes. In the summer light clothes are the obvious choice, but you should always use sunscreen on whatever parts of you are uncovered. After a while cover up as much as is comfortable, Sunscreen needs renewal and we sometimes forget. Sunburn can ruin your week, not just your day and don‘t forget you can still burn through a light shirt. So try to remember to take sensible precautions.

In the winter don‘t wear so many clothes that you can hardly move. Temperatures vary, but most of us are not crossing Alaska in December – and even then you can still overdress.

Three layers are quite enough. Inner wear should be of synthetic material capable of breathing and removing moisture from the skin quickly. Over this wear a woollen jumper or a fleece. Outer wear should be a good quality waterproof (not shower proof) breathable anorak with a hood and big pockets. I like at least one pocket to have a zip for valuables. I prefer an attached hood which can be folded into the collar. There is a compromise here, as the hood then cannot be very big or it won’t fold away. But trying to clip on a detachable hood at the back of ones neck in a blizzard can be a nightmare.

Tracksuit bottoms or jeans are no good for country walking. They hold water and can chafe the legs and more vulnerable parts. Synthetic walking trousers are lightweight have pockets and are quick drying. They are the best things to wear.

Rucksacks. These should be light. You should carry just what you need and no more. The size of rucksack will depend on the length of you trip. Of course you will need more for a five day hike than for an afternoon’s stroll in the country. The choice is enormous and the only way to decide is to go to a good shop, look, try one on and find what you feel happy with.

So that is five things to consider for your Senior Walking program. Buy proper equipment and you will be warm and comfortable in the country.

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