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Get That Massive Back!

In the article I’ll tell you about why it is important to Get That Massive Back! Everybody loves to train their biceps, pecs and abs but nobody really gives a damn about their back. Now, in my opinion it is all because of those commercial gyms you go to. They have lots of mirrors — so you train only what you see. Today I’m going to change it.

Get That Massive Back

Why do I need a strong back?

I guess it is the next question you would ask me. Well let’s not waste our time and get straight to business.

  • If you are a bodybuilder you can’t achieve no success without massive lats / back.
  • A strong back can prevent a lot of diseases (for example radiculitis) or injuries.
  • If you are an MMA fighter or Judoka or Wrestler or Mohammed I’m hard Bruce Lee… You’ll thank yourself for training your back.
  • Deadlift for size: if you want to get big, you must do this exercise.
  • Powerlifters can’t achieve any success without a strong back.
  • Now seriously, a real man should look like a real man and a massive back is something to strive for.

What to do to get a massive back?

So you decided to get a huge back but don’t know where to start… Don’t worry my young friend. That is what I’m for! Your personal trainer-slave! Let me start:

Beginners program:

  • Warm Up (I’d Recommend to do foam rolling)
  • Pullups  4×12   (If you can’t do it you can choose Wide-Grip Lat Pulldown)
  • Seated Cable Rows  3×12
  • Hyperextension 3×12 (If it feels too easy, you can do it with weight on you)

For advanced fellas I’d recommend the next program:

  • Warm Up (Never ignore it!)
  • Deadlift 5×10,8,6,5,3
  • Pullups  4×12
  • Dumbell Rows 3×12 (You can do much heavier Kroc Rows if you are into strength training)

Don’t do it!!! It may actually work for you..!

I know I know… Some of you are going to start bitchin’ about how dangerous deadlifts may be for your back. Do it. No matter what, learn proper technique and do it. It’s one of several multi-joint exercieses that will make your balls bigger and your back thicker and wider. Oh and by the way for those who chase after big arms — heavy lifts will only help it and a lot.

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