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Good Eating Tips to Lose Weight

In the article I share what I learned about Good Eating Tips to Lose Weight. In practice there is no secret in losing weight. Just eat a healthy diet, take regular exercise, make sure you burn more calories than you consume and weight loss will happen. But you can make it easier by knowing a few good eating tips to lose weight.

Good Eating Tips to Lose Weight

How fast? If you want to lose weight quickly it can be done. But try to only use fast weight loss diets occasionally, perhaps for a special occasion. Your weight will come back on afterwards, so without a lifestyle change you should not expect too much. Slow is the best way to lose weight and stay that way. A couple of weeks of a fast weight loss diet can start you off and lose you a few pounds before you begin eating healthy food and losing weight more slowly. It is good to see results and can encourage you to keep going.

Calories:   You must cut down on calories to lose weight. Either that or take a lot more exercise than you are likely to want. What you must do is eat less fat and sugar, the sort of things in fast food. There are pitfalls. Food labelled ‘low fat’ can still have plenty of sugar. It takes time but it is a good idea to read labels and check how many calories in what you are eating. You might be amazed by the calories in a small bar of chocolate or a coffee from your local coffee shop.

It does not take much to improve your diet:

Drink skimmed, semi skimmed or soya milk.

Cut out sugar from coffee or tea

Make up your own healthy lunch box – maybe a sandwich of granary bread with a healthy filling, no butter and an apple.

Drink a lot of water, do not drink fizzy drinks and limit your alcohol intake.

Do not snack between meals, if you get hungry try to eat a piece of fruit instead of things in packets.

Eat smaller portions. Several small meals a day are better than three big ones. But always eat breakfast.

For your long term diet try the Weight Watchers diets or the Mediterranean diet. Both are excellent and you will not be forcing yourself to eat food you dislike. You should expect to lose one or two pounds a week if you exercise as well.

Exercise: Why do so many over weight people dislike exercise? The problem is they may have become overweight because of their dislike of exercise and now they are being told to do something they hate. It is possible to lose weight without exercise, but the rigorous diet needed is not much fun either.

So do try to find the time to exercise each day and burn off some calories. It need not consist of pumping iron or running a half marathon unless you really want to. A brisk 20 minute walk is enough to begin with. Do more if you enjoy it, but do exercise regularly.

Keep at it: You are in this for the long haul. Don’t despair if you only lose 4 pounds in the first month. With any luck that will be 14 pounds in three months or even more, which is well worth having. Then you can carry on and stop at your ideal weight.

By stopping I mean just increasing your calories so as not to lose any more, but also not enough to start putting on weight again. Keep a food diary for a couple of weeks. Start it before your diet, note what calories you are eating and aim to eat about 500 less a day when your long term diet begins. A food diary is annoying at first, as you must find out the calories of what you eat, but after a few days you will be repeating meals and can easily fill it in.

So that is just a few good eating tips to lose weight. Most of it is common sense and perseverance. Remember you did not put on weight in just a few weeks. It took a long time and it is going to take a while to lose it again. Be patient and in a few months you will have achieved your aim.

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