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Guidelines For Lifting Weights With Good Form

The article is about Guidelines For Lifting Weights With Good Form. Lifting weights can really increase your muscle size and help you lose body fat faster. For women toning and defining muscles as well as losing weight are something that’s top of their list and the same with men- they want big arms and nice abs to impress.

Guidelines For Lifting Weights With Good Form

So start building those muscles by including a weight lifting program in your workout and you will be able to notice the difference in no time. Good form when lifting weights needs to be kept in mind at all times to avoid injury and optimises performance and progress.


What Is Good Form?

Good form for lifting weights is ensuring you have the correct lifting technique for each different exercise. If you are unsure get a quick coaching session with a specialist. Each lifting exercise does require slightly different guidelines but a key thing to remember for most is to always keep your back straight.

The most common injury from weight lifting routines is lower back pain so to avoid restless nights always try to do this. Always lift weights that are suitable for you- you won’t impress anyone struggling to lift a huge weight and can really hurt yourself and this is the most common way that good form is lost especially when using free weights.

So forget what anyone else thinks and start off with a small or manageable size and then with a good weight lifting program you can build up to the larger weights. If you are doing free weights training always have a spotter with you so that if you had a dizzy spell or another kind of problem someone can take the weight and they can give you feedback on your technique.

Tips To A Better Form

There are also a few more handy weight lifting tips to make your workout safer.

  • The first thing to remember before picking up those weights or jumping onto that weight machine is do a warm up! A warm up of at least 10 minutes will prevent injury from occurring during your workout.
  • Blasting some cardio and stretching out your muscles will stop you from over-stressing them when lifting weights as if injuries do happen this could put back your training for weeks or months.
  • Also ensure you have shoes with good traction as slipping when holding a weight could obviously do a lot of damage to you or others.
  • Another common thing people do when weight training is hold their breath when doing reps. People can be caused to faint and their blood pressure increases – when handling weights this is obviously a lethal combination.  You should try to breathe steadily and inhaling and exhaling whilst you lower and lift the weight can even help you to get a good rhythm with your reps.
  • Weight lifting is easy to overdo, but for a good workout you need to have rest reps too. Don’t rush your weight lifting workout either, it’s actually more beneficial to add a few slow reps to your workout as this increases the tension and means you are less likely to cheat and use the momentum of the swing.

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