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Gym rage: 12 ways to keep workouts cool

In the article it is spoken in detail about Gym rage: 12 ways to keep workouts cool. Everyone knows about road rage, but what about gym rage?

Gym rage: 12 ways to keep workouts cool

If you’ve been a health club member for very long, you’ve probably seen some kind of heated dispute between members. By and large, people are respectful and courteous in gyms, but a few are not — and we’re all guilty of etiquette breaches on occasion.
Here are some ways to help keep things cool in the gym.
Gym rage: 12 ways to keep workouts cool

Forget lone justice: 

Every gym has someone in charge. That person is not you. Let the trainers handle problems.

Never argue over a machine:

People get territorial over weight machines. Some gym regulars are in the habit of wandering off to socialize while in between sets. Meanwhile, someone else steps up to the machine. The first guy feels like he clearly has rights to the machine, since he was there first; the second person knows he walked up to an unused machine. Sometimes a hand towel is left on the machine as a dubious marker … and so begins the argument.
 Look at it this way: Even if you’re in the right, how important is it to use that machine at that moment. Will not using it ruin your day? Screw up your workout? It’s much like they say in traffic school — yes, you have the right of way, but don’t insist on it. Try this approach: “Do you mind if I work in?” You’ll be offering to share the machine, you’ve made your point, and it shows the other guy you know something about gym etiquette.

Know the gym culture:

Some gyms are filled with eye candy and throbbing music. Others, such as Gold’s, are home to people who are dead serious about training. Pick a gym that fits your style.

 Noise pollution: 

We’ve all heard about the Manhattan gym member who yelled and groaned his way through spinning classes until another stationary-bike rider snapped and put him in the hospital. The tabloids called it “spin rage.” The attacker became a local hero and a jury promptly acquitted him of assault. Chronic workout noisemakers, you are not appreciated.

Gym rats vs. newbies:

Gym members typically come in two varieties — the veterans and the newbies. Respect is due both.
Those muscular and lean individuals know what’s what in a gym. They provide senior leadership. Their time is valuable, since so much of it has to be invested on a regular basis.
Newbies, on the other hand, have made a brave decision to do something about their weight and fitness issues. It takes a lot more spirit for a chubby gal to get off the couch and head into the gym than it does for someone who’s fit. That’s worthy of respect. Chances are the newbie will stop coming to the gym soon enough, anyway.
New members pay their money and have every right to the weights, machines and facilities. One trap they can fall into, however, is being overly sensitive to perceived slights from the veterans. Weight lifters aren’t known for kicking sand on the skinny guys, really. They have their own agenda. If you’re irritating a veteran, find out why before taking an attitude … or fleeing the scene.

Don’t be gross:

It’s amazing how even experienced gym users leave weight machines and treadmills spotted with their sweat — or even drenched. That’s why many gyms require users to carry hand towels. Wipe up after yourself. Treadmills have pockets, but they’re not there for your trash. Don’t leave gum in the water fountain or spit in it. Tidy up newspapers — other members may appreciate your leaving them behind, but not when they’re splayed about. There are so many ways to be gross in a gym.

Don’t be a know-it-all:

Most people like getting tips from more-experienced members in a gym. Some do not. If you feel compelled to correct someone, first ask if they’d like some advice.
Here are a few more tips:
  • Rack your weights.
  • Respect posted time limits on machines when others are waiting.
  • When new in a fitness class, stand in back.
  • Ditch the cell phone.
  • Don’t stow your stuff on unused machines.


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