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Health and Fitness: Create Your Own Motivation Tips

In the article I’m going to tell you about the following subject – Health and Fitness: Create Your Own Motivation Tips. Who would want to look fat, flabby, unhealthy, and overweight?  Probably, nobody wanted to become out of shape.  Perhaps, everybody wanted to become fit and healthy. They even wanted to incorporate fitness workout on daily schedule.  Yet, these are all plans, which remain as it is because no actions were actually done.

Health and Fitness: Create Your Own Motivation Tips

Take a look in these sample situations.  One morning, a man asked his friend, “Hey buddy, did you run today?”  The friend answered back, “Yes, in bed!”  Another case might be like this.  A lady encouraged her friend, “Hey girl, let’s go, head up to the gym.”  The girl replied, “Oh, sorry, but I’ll pass. I got something to do.”  These are some excuses that are common to people who wanted to be fit yet too lazy to start an action.  In reality, the problem lies on motivation to keep going with the fitness plans.

            To keep going with any fitness plans, be it as simple as jogging every morning or a 20-minute brisk walking, motivation is the best way.  Here are some fitness motivation tips to try.

  1. Setting goals. Before making any fitness plans, it is important to set goals.  Write it down in bold letters and paste somewhere where you can see it as often as possible.  Make your goal simple such as losing 5 pounds in a month or losing an inch in waistline for about a month.  Then, below it write the long term goal such as to lose 20 pounds.
  2. Make a schedule. Daily schedule is better than weekly schedule because it is more specific and detailed.  Plan ahead your schedule, its time, and place.  Likewise, provide an allowance for travelling and changing clothes.  Also, include the routine exercises for the day say 20 repetition of leg presses or 10 sets of weights training.
  3. Create a workout log. Making a logbook to write down the fitness routine for the day is a great help.  It serves as evaluation tools to improve on every work out routine. Work out log must contain the details regarding routines such as time, number of sets, and remarks.
  4. Select the best place. Depending on the workout routine, it is important to select the best place where you can perform it such as gym, aerobics class, or park.  In choosing the best gym, it is necessary to pay it a visit to identify its services and to examine the workability of its equipment as well.
  5. Use specific workout clothes.  It is important to have a specific work out clothes.  In buying clothes, it is necessary to buy clothes you are comfortable to wear.  If you are not used to wear sleeveless, then don’t wear it.  Look for their quality of clothes.  Working out needs freedom of movement, thus, workout clothes should stand the pressure.  If you usually wear bright colored shirts, then choose bright colored workout clothes as well.
  6. Complete work out gear. It is necessary to have complete workout gear, not just for the sake of it, but for the safety of working out.  Invest in a good quality shoes to protect the feet.  Depending on the routine, buy knee caps and elbow caps if you are into running.  Also, invest in good hand gloves if you are doing weight trainings.  Similarly, invest in good goggles and suit if you are swimming.

            Fitness motivation tips are important to keep going with any fitness plans.  IT avoids any reasons not to take actions.

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