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How Big Of A Role Do Genetics Play In Achieving Fitness?

The article concerns the following question – How Big Of A Role Do Genetics Play In Achieving Fitness? One excuse that many people use as they fail to see the results that they set out to attain with their fitness program is genetics. They claim that they are just destined to be overweight. Or, their body is naturally skinny so there is no hope of adding lean muscle mass.

How Big Of A Role Do Genetics Play In Achieving Fitness

Is there truth behind this?

Will genetics really be a limiting factor that you simply can’t overcome?

Let’s dive into this question further and set the record straight once and for all.


Genetics And Your Fat Storage Tendency

The first area where you can be impacted by genetics is in your fat storage tendency. The fat storage tendency you show is heavily influenced by the type of body you have. Some people are considered ectomorphs, which means they tend to be naturally thin and tall. Others tend to be endomorphs who pack on body fat without trouble, and finally, the last type of body that you may have is the mesomorph, indicating they build muscle very easily.

While your natural body type will reflect somewhat the degree of results you achieve, you can definitely overcome this. An endomorph may never get as thin as an ectomorph for example, but they definitely can get much thinner than they likely are now.

Genetics And Your Metabolic Rate

The second place where genetics may come into play is with your metabolic rate. There is some truth to the fact that your metabolism will be determined by your genetics, but most people give this far more credit than is really due.

You are the more powerful influencer of your metabolic rate with all the things that you do on a daily basis and how you train in the gym, so this one is definitely something that you can overcome.

Your metabolic rate will be more determined by your lifestyle, workouts, and diet than by your genetics.

Genetics And Your Body Structure

Finally, the last place where genetics will come into play with regards to the results you see on your fitness journey is with your body structure.

Some people have a very set ‘image’ in mind of the look they want to obtain. It’s great to have this visual focus in place as it can serve as a highly motivating thing, but realize that your body could be structured very differently from this other person’s, so achieving the exact same look is likely not going to be possible.

You may be able to get as lean or as muscular as that look you desire, but don’t think that will automatically make you look like the person you are envisioning.

So all in all, genetics does account for some of the results that you see with your fitness plan, but you are the more important determinant of the results that you achieve.

Don’t let yourself use genetics as an excuse as it will only detract from your motivation and lead you to fall off your plan altogether.

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