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How Do You Maintain Weight Loss

The article concerns the following question – How Do You Maintain Weight Loss. The desire to go on a weight loss regime is the front part of a weight loss series. When you have achieved the target, what do you do? Reward yourself with lots of food for the achievement? Yes in a way and no in a way too.

How Do You Maintain Weight Loss

There are instances where a person took 6 months to loose 40 pounds but it took him 4 months to gain back what he lost. This is not an isolate case. According to the National Weight Control Registry (NWCR), the only way to remain weight loss is the continuation of the initial weight loss strategy. When you have achieved the desired weight, the challenge of weight loss has only begun. The longer you maintain your lost weight, the easier it gets to maintain it.
Tips on how to maintain your weight loss for as long as you want:

– tip yourself when you have reached your desired weight by a celebration. Remember only for that occasion. This will make you feel good instead of feeling you are in the army camp.

– remain your fundamental of eating habits which is to keep on having protein based food for every meal. Protein has high thermic effect to compensate the extra calories from the food.

– weigh yourself on regular basis. You should check on your weight at least twice a week to make sure you have been consistently keeping your weight. You need to draw up a plan should your weight increase by 1 pound, 2 pounds or 5 pounds. Each pound of increase should draw up different strategies and plans.

– when you are at 220 pounds before weight loss and after the weight loss program, you weigh 170 pounds. The energy you need to maintain at 220 and at 170 are different. At 170 pounds would need much less energy per day to maintain than at 220 pounds. Remember to reduce your consumption when you are at 170 pounds.

– findings from the NWCR suggest that the often successful weight loss maintainers are those who perform an average 1 hour a day exercise. If you do not have the luxury 1 hour a day for exercise, then you should consider maintaining an active lifestyles. Walk as much as you can, take the stairs instead of the elevator, DIY using the lawn mover instead of engaging someone to do the grass and so on.

– carry on your fresh vegetables and fruits diet. They are your best bet to preserve weight loss.

– de-stress yourself whenever you feel you have stress. Stress and weight gain comes together.

– if you had heavy lunch, then compensate by taking lesser during dinner. Observing weight loss is about taking small steps of every move to keep up the weight loss.

– you should remind yourself mentally whenever you are on the move that you are on a weight loss mission. By doing so, you will always be on the right track.

Since you have spend so much time and effort to weight loss right up to where you are, you should make a point to stay and maintain your ideal weight. Do not let complacent to steer you away from your goal.

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