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How Does One Improve Protein Digestion

The article concerns the following question – How Does One Improve Protein Digestion. Eating a lot of protein is not gonna cut it! You have to make sure it actually gets digested and used for what it’s meant for. Proteins, and other nutrients as well, not getting digested correctly get trapped in the intestines to rot and ultimately bring uninvited guests such as: bloating, diarrhea and flatulence (smartypants word for farting).

How Does One Improve Protein Digestion

Don’t drink while eating

By drinking with your meals, the liquid gets in the way of nutrient (and protein consequently) digestion in the stomach, where the gastric acid is busy dissolving protein. The liquid acts as unnecessary coating. Instead, drink at least half an hour before and/or after.

Eat yogurts

Or any other fermented foods. Such foods contain “friendly” bacteria that aid the process of digestion.

No standard 3 big meals

It’s quite general knowledge that you should instead opt for 5-6 smaller meals a day. Digestion benefit is that at any given time, your body has a moderate amount of food to digest, so it’s more likely to do it optimally.

Favor lean proteins

Examples would be eggs, tofu, fish, skinless poultry (chicken, turkey), soy foods. Red meat, and high-on-fat sources of protein, on the other hand are not sources of lean protein.

Don’t mix protein with carbohydrates

Both nutrients take a long time to digest and require different enzymes, which if consumed together, especially if by large amounts, will lead to parts not being digested and leading to what I mentioned in the intro.

Get your vitamins & minerals

Other than the fact that your body needs them for overall healthy functioning, it also does good to digestion of protein. Sources of vitamins & minerals would be all the natural / unprocessed foods there are, variety is key. You can’t get all from a single source, you get some from vegetables, fruits, dairy products, meats, nuts…

Not only will you get the many essential minerals & vitamins, but you also increase the probability of getting all the different amino acids (building blocks of protein). There are 20 different types of amino acids and you need them all for best muscle mass growth.

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