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How French Women Stay Slim

How French Women Stay Slim it is an interesting question. French women have a reputation for elegance and style second to none. But how do French women stay slim? In any French city you will see slim women of all ages. Of course not all French women are slim – but a lot are. A remarkable thing is that the French like their food and spend a lot of time eating and drinking. So how do French women stay slim?

How French Women Stay Slim

For them food is important. They don’t walk down the street with a sandwich in one hand and a bottle of coke in the other. They don’t sit at their computer all lunchtime with an apple and a packet of crisps. Eating is a serious business. These are some of the ways French women stay slim – you can do the same.

Take your time: In France people sit down to eat. A lunch may be a leisurely affair. An evening meal can take an evening. Family, friends, colleagues are involved – as well as eating the French like to talk. Fast food is not an option.

Eat small portions: French women do not eat supersized portions. There will be several courses in a meal but the portions will be small.

Eat like the French:  The secret of eating like the French is to eat fresh food. Markets are busy every day selling fresh produce for restaurants and the home and this is the essence of French cooking. The type of food eaten varies with region. In the south there is the very healthy Mediterranean diet of salads dressed in olive oil, tomatoes, fresh vegetables, lean meat, and fish. In the north more butter and sour cream is used. Everywhere you will find cheese in all its varieties and wine is often served with a meal. Try these typical meals.

Breakfast:  Drink coffee, black or with a little milk, or maybe fruit juice. Eat a croissant or crusty bread with jam. Breakfast should always be eaten.

Lunch: This used to take two hours, now it is more likely to be one. Chicken or fish, a light salad and plenty of fruit would be typical, perhaps a cut baguette with a cheese and salad filling. Wine may be drunk but it is more likely that a lunchtime drink will be fizzy water.

Dinner: The big meal of the day with several courses. There are many possible variations but dinner might be of chicken, veal or steak with fresh salad and vegetables. There will be fruit and cheese and fresh bread. Wine will be consumed and, if with friends, the meal will carry on a long time.

So the answer to the question, ‘How do French women stay slim?’ is that they live in France. The lifestyle is on their side, but we can still learn from what they do. Eating fresh healthy food in small portions and taking time over meals is something we can practice anywhere. I did not mention exercise. French women walk or cycle a lot, but exercise is not a high priority.

With a calorie intake right for what they do there is no need to worry about burning fat. It is all very easy and is just a matter of fresh food and small portions. There you have the secret of how French women stay slim.

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