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How Long To Rest Between Workout Sets?

In this article I share what I learned about the following question – How Long To Rest Between Workout Sets? What is the time period to rest between sets for optimal muscle growth? It all depends on what you are trying to achieve (muscle strength, increase muscle volume, muscle stamina), what exercise you perform and finally you, no one is like another so everything is relative.

How Long To Rest Between Workout Sets

This topic is of varying opinions in the bodybuilding world, ranging from 30 sec. rest between workouts to 5 minutes, while of course each case has its own circumstances to be taken in account, one thing remains prevalent and it’s the necessity to rest between sets.

I won’t be giving a nonexistent number as in my opinion it depends on too many things, a good rule of thumb is, and what you should follow, rest until you fully recover and feel ready, which should be in the 60-90 seconds range on average, but do listen to your body.

There are who say optimal rest time between sets is 30 seconds, which might be true if you’re doing lighter exercises (e.g. curls) which don’t put much strain on your body as others (e.g. squats). For the latter, 30 seconds won’t be enough in most cases to reasonably recover and you’re downhill to fatigue.

Fully recovered, you perform at your 100% and lift bigger weights and in turn stimulate more muscle growth, than if you rushed into another set still panting, making a half-assed set and quickly hitting fatigue. But resting past the feeling of readiness is another story.

Powerlifters rest for 3-5 minutes, because with so much rest muscles get recovered greatly and it’s possible to lift greater weights. Most people aren’t powerlifters, the masses go to the gym to gain muscle and look good, so keep it to the necessary minimum.

To conclude, remember the rule of thumb “rest until ready”, because between black and white, there are many shades in between.

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