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How Many Days Per Week Should You Workout?

The article concerns the following question – How Many Days Per Week Should You Workout? As you go about building yourself a workout program to help build muscle faster, one thing that you need to be stopping to think about is the workout frequency you’re going to use.

How Many Days Per Week Should You Workout

Just how many days total should you be in the gym lifting weights? What’s going to be optimal for you to see maximum success? And, what’s too much?

Getting your frequency of workouts down pat is important because this plays a critical role in making sure that you don’t become overtrained and that you do actually start to get stronger and build lean muscle mass.

Let’s look at a few of the top points that you must consider when assessing your workout frequency.


The Split You’re Using

The very first thing to look at is the split that you’re doing.  This will often dictate how many days you should be in the week, however variations can be created as needed.

If you’re using a full body workout program, you’ll be in the gym two to three days each week.  While you could do four days one week and three the next, be careful when going this route as that added session could be too much for the body to handle.

If you’re using an upper/lower split, four days per week is most standard, however you could use an ABA BAB set-up if you need to.

Body part split workouts are just not all that effective overall, so you should be avoiding these entirely.

Your Own Recovery Ability

Next, also make sure that you assess your own recovery ability as well. How fast do you seem to bounce back after completing a workout session?

If you find that you’re really feeling as though you’re dragging throughout the day and into the next day even, you may need two full days of rest between each workout.

Realize that some people just don’t have the recovery capacities that other people do and they must adjust their workout accordingly. If they don’t, they’ll be on a fast track to overtraining and burnout.

Other Activities You’re Doing

Finally, the last thing that you should take into account is any other activities that you happen to be doing throughout the day.

The more active you are overall, the more time you will need between sessions to allow for that full recovery to take place.  Those who aren’t all that active are going to be giving their body almost complete rest between their workouts and as a result, can get into the gym more often.

Those who play sports or are always on their feet moving around throughout the day may want to go with a lower workout frequency instead.

Think about your activity level and adjust your workout frequency accordingly.

So there you have the main points to know when thinking about workout frequency.  For optimal results, just be sure that you are working each muscle group at least once every five days as that’s the minimum needed for success.

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