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How not to Gain Weight

In the article I share what I learned about How not to Gain Weight. There is plenty of information about how to lose weight, but how do you avoid gaining it in the first place? If your weight is fine now you do not want a weight loss diet to keep it that way. You just need to do what you are doing already. The problem is changes in lifestyle. All it needs is a new coffee shop in your town.

How not to Gain Weight

Soon everyone from mothers with children to pensioners make it their second home and there goes their waistlines. Or perhaps you get a new job and only have time for a lunchtime sandwich, packet of crisps and a Coke. You may not take a decision to put on weight, few people do, it just happens. We know that fast food and no exercise makes you fat but there are other things which are not so obvious. Here are a few.

 Stress: Comfort eating is a good way of gaining weight. If you find snacking relieves stress try to decrease it with a break from whatever is causing the stress. Have a stroll round the block at lunch time, maybe a chat with a friend; break up your day if you are able. If you still need to comfort eat avoid sugar and calories. Keep the calories down with plain popcorn, rice cakes or a cracker biscuit. Fruit is a healthy snack and an apple is best, remember there are 100 calories in a banana so don’t eat too many.

 Medication: Steroids are well known for causing weight gain but other drugs can also affect your weight. Those used for hormone replacement and some oral contraceptives can cause the same result. Not all weight gain which occurs when you are on medication is directly caused by the drugs. Maybe you cannot move around much and are putting on weight due to lack of exercise and not because of the drugs you are taking. If you are on prescription medicines and having a weight problem tell your doctor. He may be able to provide a better alternative.

 Lack of Sleep: Kids love midnight feasts. They are fine for kids but for adults midnight snacks mean calories and calories mean weight gain. We all need sleep and if we are not getting it we may get stressed and begin daytime snacking along with eating at night.

 Stopping smoking: You can prolong your life by stopping smoking but weight gain is a well known side effect. Substituting a chocolate bar for a cigarette may be a little healthier, but the calories add up fast. It is tempting to enjoy your food now that you can taste it – just try to keep to small portions and healthy ingredients.

 Low-fat foods: We are inundated with low-fat foods. So why do we eat them and still gain weight? The problem is many low-fat bars and snacks may be low-fat but are often high in sugar. Look at the labels, low-fat does not always mean low calorie.

These are just some of the reasons for weight gain. Of course the most common is eating junk food and an addiction to TV, but if you are living a healthy lifestyle and still putting on weight do consider the more unlikely reasons. In most cases it is not too hard to change your lifestyle enough to maintain you ideal weight.

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