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How Not To Get Heart Disease

If you want to know how not to get heart disease you must know what causes it. There are many reasons people suffer from heart disease and not all are preventable, but in many cases it can be avoided. If you are overweight, eat fatty food, smoke and get little exercise you are at risk.

How Not To Get Heart Disease

It is a really good idea to do something about it and this involves eating less, changing to a healthy diet, getting exercise and reducing or preferably cutting out smoking. All of which is easy to write about and not so easy to do. It all depends on how much you want to live longer, and you can live a lot longer. Recent research shows that the Mediterranean diet can increase life span by up to 15 years. That is worth considering, but it won’t work if you carry on smoking.

So how should you look after your heart? Here are five ways to begin.

Cut out unhealthy fats. We all know about cholesterol and that an excess in the blood stream can lead to plaques in the arteries causing heart attacks and strokes. To drop your cholesterol levels cut the fat off meat, eat more lean meat like chicken or turkey and avoid butter and fried food. Low fat food is not always the answer; it may be high in sugar and will do little for a weight loss program. Read the small print on packets.

Eat fresh fruit and vegetables. There are so many fruits to choose from I am sure you have a favourite. Carry an apple or banana as a snack. It is a lot better for you than a mid morning coffee and croissant. Eat salads or lightly cooked vegetables with your meals.

Eat whole grains. Refined products are bad for you. This generally  means white foods like white bread, white pasta, and white rice. Whole grains such as brown rice and their products like granary bread are a lot better for you.

Eat more fish. Oily fish like mackerel or sardines is excellent food for your heart and you should eat it at least once a week. Avoid tuna, not because it is bad for you but because the stocks in the sea are overfished and at risk of extinction.

Take more exercise. Exercise is essential. Every day is ideal, three or four times a week the minimum. Walk or jog around the block for half an hour, cycle, swim. Do whatever you like, preferably an activity which leaves you a little out of breath. As we are often told, the heart is a muscle – give it some exercise to keep it healthy.

That is how not to get heart disease. The food I have suggested is all in the Mediterranean diet along with an occasional glass of wine. The healthy, long lived Mediterranean people enjoy what they eat. You can as well and it is a diet worth considering. The good news is that it is easy to avoid many heart problems by exercise and a correct diet. Look after your heart and your heart will look after you. It sounds like a pretty good deal.

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