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How to Avoid Sunburn

In the article I’m going to tell you about How to Avoid Sunburn. We all know the dangers of sunburn and yet each summer many of us get sunburnt. Maybe we cover up, perhaps we use sunscreen but we still get burnt. What we have found out is that covering up is not enough, the sun’s UV rays can get through clothing.

A white tee shirt has no more effect than a factor 7 sunscreen and that is not much. Dark clothes are a little better but they are still not enough. We need to wear the right sunscreen even underneath light clothing. But how do we get burnt and what is the right sunscreen?

How to Avoid Sunburn

 It is easy enough to get burnt and the closer we are to the equator the easier it gets, particularly for those with light skin or red hair. Sunburn can occur in as little as 15 minutes without protection and is caused by high exposure to ultra violet (UV) light. There are two types of UV rays, UV-A are everywhere even on a cloudy day and can cause damage and ageing of the skin. UV-B are the rays which give you tanning, sunburn and most skin cancers. Both can be bad news if you do not protect your skin. Sunscreens are given a sunburn protection factor (SPF) based on their ability to block UV light. A high SPF is better than a low one.

 When you are choosing a sunscreen there are a few things to consider.

 Broad spectrum. Make sure your sunscreen protects against both UV-A and UV-B rays.

 Sun protection factor. This should be at least 15. High SPF sunscreens are good but there is no need to go above SPF 70.

 Waterproof. Make sure your sunscreen is waterproof if you are likely to swim or sweat a lot.

 Renew frequently. Renew at least every two hours.

 Not just on the beach. You can get sunburnt anywhere. In the park on your lunch break, on a bicycle, even walking to the shop. So carry sunscreen with you and stay safe.

 Children. Do not use adult sunscreen on children, use children’s sunscreen which is made of more child friendly ingredients. Use SPF 15 or higher and keep babies of 6 months old or younger out of the sun.

 There are dangers with sun bathing, but the alternatives may be worse. Using a sun bed for 10 minutes is twice as likely to cause skin cancer as a holiday in the Mediterranean. Sun beds are also not recommended for people under 25 years of age due to their increased cancer risk. That, of course, is exactly the age when we want to look our best. Fake tans are little better. The FDA suggests that, due to cancer risk, people using spray tanning products wear protective undergarments, protective eye wear, nose filters and eye balm and never to spray tan on a regular basis.

 Compared with sun beds and fake tans sun bathing for sensible periods with a high SPF sunscreen must be the safest option. So exercise, eat healthy food, sunbathe in moderation and you will look great. Enjoy your holiday.

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