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How to Beat Cellulite

The article is devoted to How to Beat Cellulite. Cellulite can spoil your day, sometimes more than your day. It can be the ruination of a long awaited beach holiday, specially these days when everybody carries a mobile camera. Cellulite is not life threatening, nobody dies of cellulite, but it can become a big worry. Of course you want to look good, you do look good. But without cellulite you could look better. Maybe you have tried to fix it with creams, exfoliants or even liposuction and still have cellulite. You could have tried for months, spent a lot of money and still find yourself depressed on the beach. What can you do?

How to Beat Cellulite

 It helps to know what cellulite is and why it occurs. Cellulite is the fat which lies just beneath your skin. Associated with it is collagen and inflexible connective tissue. As fat cells get bigger the connective tissue does not expand evenly and this gives you the dimpled appearance of cellulite. Hormonal changes and diet can cause cellulite, but it is not caused by being overweight – although it may appear more obvious in an overweight person.

The reason creams and exfoliants do not work is because cellulite is not a skin problem. It is a tissue and fat problem. So the best way of minimising it is to tone your thighs and buttocks. We know that being overweight does not cause cellulite, but neither does it help and muscle toning exercises have the added bonus of burning off calories.

There are two good ways of toning your muscles and these are walking and floor exercises. Walking is the easiest and will slim your thighs and buttocks as well as helping you lose weight. Like any exercise you need to do it on a regular basis. Half an hour’s brisk walking daily is the minimum to have much effect and it is best combined with a healthy diet. Floor exercises are more demanding, but target your cellulite areas and are worth doing.

A simple one consists of lying face down with arms folded in front of you and head raised. With legs together raise them slightly and bend the knees. Begin by holding this position for five seconds and work up to fifteen seconds. Repeat three times – do more repeats if you feel comfortable. Like walking this should be done each day.

These exercises will not cure cellulite, but they will minimise it and make it less noticeable. You will look and feel a lot better too. Do not expect instant results, but after four or five weeks you will look good and be ready for the beach.

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