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How To Choose A Weight-Lifting Routine?

The article concerns the following question – How To Choose A Weight-Lifting Routine? Before starting any kind of weight lifting routine you need to know exactly what you want to gain from it and which specific muscles you would use, especially if you are using weight training to help performance in a particular sport.

There are loads of different weight lifting exercises to choose from to focus your routine but the intensity, frequency and volume of your workout are also just as important.

How To Choose A Weight-Lifting Routine


What Is Your Goal?

Your goal will decide the frequency and intensity of your workouts. For example a triathlon trainer will have a very different weight lifting plan to a power lifter.

However, there are parts of all weight lifting routines that should be the same, warming up and cooling down and resting the muscles. Warming up is crucial to preventing injury, you should make sure you have stretched and done some cardio prior to lifting.

You will actually be able to lift more weight with a warm up as there will be fluid to your joints as well as an increase in your core temperature.

Different Types Of Workouts

There are 3 main weight lifting routines: heavy, medium and light and each has different sets of reps and goals.

  • Heavy
    Heavy weight lifting has fewer reps, so a more intense workout with low reps will build muscle strength – useful for power lifters. This will probably include exercises mainly revolving around specific lifts than muscle groups.
  • Medium
    Medium is for the more body conscious types, there are more reps for a slightly less intense workout so that muscle mass is increased rather than just strength.
  • Light
    Light weight lifting routines will have a high amount of reps that builds up muscle endurance – better for beginners.

For beginners it is best to start out with a smaller weight to prevent injury because the progressive overload principle of weight lifting routines is to increase the weight once your body has got used to exercising with one. Eventually you can build up to bigger and more intense workouts so don’t rush things as an injury could set you back a lot further in the long run.

Tips On Settling On A Workout Routine

A good way to research how to find the right weight lifting routine is to look online. By simply entering this question into an internet browser you will get instant access to hundreds of videos of different workouts and plans that have worked for others. Obviously some workouts might not suit your level or goal but there are lots of handy weight lifting tips that might help with your progress.

You might find different weight lifting workouts that could work the muscles that you want to and by changing your program this can also increase the speed of your progress.

If you use the gym to work out a good way to choose the right weight lifting routine is to look at who else seems to have the same body shape and weight and how they do a weight lifting workout. However only do what is safe, good form and the right weight will prevent injury so if you aren’t sure how to do something – seek professional advice before trying it yourself.

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