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How to Enjoy the Best City Diet

The article touches upon the issue of How to Enjoy the Best City Diet. You can have a good diet anywhere but enjoying the best city diet presents a few challenges. We all know that how you eat depends on your lifestyle; a manual worker, whether a builder or a store cleaner, works hard and uses up a lot more calories in a day than an office worker.

How to Enjoy the Best City Diet

The manual worker needs a larger meal, but the over weight manual worker and over weight office worker or taxi driver have the same problem, they eat more calories than they burn.

The difficulty with enjoying a good diet in the city is the opportunities for a bad diet. Nearly every office, shop or building site will be close to a fast food outlet, a sandwich bar or a coffee shop, all selling high calorie meals, drinks and snacks. The city is designed for obesity and obesity happens.

The best way of avoiding the obesity trap is to decide what you are going to eat each day and prepare it at home. This is the sort of thing which will give you a more healthy diet.

Breakfast: Coffee, black or with skimmed milk, muesli, fresh fruit and low fat yoghurt. For something more substantial try grilled mushrooms and tomatoes on a wholegrain bagel. Avoid a fried breakfast or high sugar cereals. Never skip breakfast, you will just get hungry and eat more later.

Mid Morning: Coffee black or with skimmed milk and an apple or banana.

Lunch: This is where you can pile on the calories. Make up your own lunch box. Try a rice salad of brown rice, chicken or ham pieces, cherry tomatoes, chopped lettuce and mushroom dressed with olive oil and lemon juice.

There are healthy sandwiches but not to be eaten every day. Granary or wholemeal bread with chicken salad, egg salad or an all salad filling is a good choice.

Drink water – tap water is fine if you do not want to buy expensive bottled water.

Dinner: This will probably be eaten at home. The same rules apply – cut down on meals high in fat and sugar, cook in olive oil, keep portion sizes moderate to small.

There are some jobs where working lunches are part of the territory. An occasional lunch will cause no problems, but if they are two, three or more times a week you are in trouble. The best you can do is choose the healthiest meal you can find, have no alcohol and eat healthy food at other times.

Try to exercise daily and if all else fails consider serious dieting before your weight gets out of control. It is possible to enjoy a good diet in the city; you just have to work at it. Eat healthy food and after a few weeks you lose weight, feel fit and look good. Then you will know the effort has all been worthwhile.


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