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How To Gain Weight: Bulking Up Smart

In the article I’m going to tell you about How To Gain Weight: Bulking Up Smart. Are you serious? Please, leave this site right now. OK, in case you were in a coma all your life and you just woke up, I’ll tell you the secrits of weight gain.

Gaining weight can be both easy and hard, I presume for you it’s not of the easiest tasks if you’re reading this. Why is it hard? Because you either not eat enough or you have fast metabolism, in which case, still, the solution is to eat even more.

How To Gain Weight: Bulking Up Smart


Weight Gain In A Nutshell

In a nutshell, to gain weight you need calorie surplus, as in, eat more than your body needs for basic functions, I won’t give you exact numbers, mainly because I’m too lazy, but here’s a rule of thumb: if you’re not satisfied with your weight right now, simply EAT MORE. High calorie foods like: pasta, rice, meat, milk, …

Not Only Protein

Don’t be obsessed with protein, while it is the building block of muscle, you need the other nutrients as well for various body functions, among which are those that aid the absorption process of protein… So a balanced diet is the way to go! Carbohydrates and healthy fats are just as important. Yes, you need fats as well, ever heard of bodybuilders dying due to too low percentage of fat?

So What Do I Eat / Drink?

Aim for high calorie healthy foods, simply eat more of what you already do, unless your diet is comprised of junk food, in this case read on for some better ideas…

Don’t be tempted to eat junk food for easy calories, they do give you a lot of it, but most of it is fat, you need more protein and carbs than fat. Fats you need, the healthy ones, but it’s not what you get from junk food.

  • Protein
    Eggs, milk, oatmeal, meat, cottage cheese, bananas (highest protein fruit, that’s why gorillas are so pumped), nuts, almonds, bread with peanut butter + chocolate (and green tea, tastes awesome!), etc…
  • Protein shakes
    Those can provide you with 30g of protein a shake (daily protein amount is around 2g/kg or 1g/2pound of body weight — 70kg guy should get 140g protein daily).
  • Carbohydrates
    Brown/whole wheat  rice, pasta, baked potatoes, bread, fruits, etc…
  • Weight gainers
    Similar to protein powder only it has lower amounts of protein, that is commonly replaced by carbs in the form of Fructose sugar, which has no function in muscle building, unlike the Dextrose sugar. It’s also pricey compared to protein powder. A better option would be…
  • Milk
    Do not underestimate milk, it can do wonders, 1 liter contains about 30g of protein. Milk is accessible, easy to consume, healthy and relatively cheap.

Eat Breakfast & Beforesleepfast

Don’t skip breakfast, if you simply don’t have an appetite at morning, start small. It’s a pity to pass an opportunity to eat, especially one that will give you energy for the rest of the day.

As for eating before sleep, a slow digesting protein is recommended as it will be absorbed into your muscle tissue gradually over the night, when you sleep and obviously can’t eat. Casein protein, which is found in milk and cheese, is a great choice. Consider Casein Protein Powder, mix it with milk or water  & drink before sleep.

I Believe That…

You should “bulk up” smart, I mean, not getting to a phase where you have love handles. That’s how I roll, maybe it’s mainly because I still don’t eat enough and have a fast metabolism, but I’m much more muscular than the average Doe.

Eat quality foods with plenty of protein, a little less carbs and even lesser fats & workout hard. If you see you’re starting to to see fat around your belly, incorporate some aerobic activity to burn it. I believe that you shouldn’t be on either side of the extremities, balance is a much better option.

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