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How to Get Kids to Lose Weight

The article is about How to Get Kids to Lose Weight. A lot of parents ask how to get kids to lose weight. But maybe they should ask why their children are fat in the first place. We know how they got fat. Unless they have a medical condition they got fat by sitting around eating junk food and getting no exercise. But why were they doing it?

How to Get Kids to Lose Weight

Maybe they like computer games and play them every spare minute. Perhaps they are unhappy, either at home or at school. It could be their friends sit around and eat junk food all day and they do the same. If a parent can find the reason for an overweight child being obese that is half the battle won.

To help your obese child start by laying down a few rules – the success of this will depend on the age of the child and how long it has been living without rules. But rules are necessary. Tell the child it is only going to play computer games for half an hour a day.

Don’t discuss the matter with the kid. Just tell it. Find out if it has a problem at school, is it being bullied? Is a teacher giving it a bad time? Fix it. If all your child’s friends are idle slobs encourage it to make friends with some who aren’t. Proactive parenting is the only way forward. But what if parents are part of the problem?

Have you ever seen overweight parents with a slim child? Not very often. They all eat the same food and the child would have learnt from an early age that exercise is something other people do. So how to get kids to lose weight is more a case of how to get families to lose weight. It is easy enough to achieve, but it must be a joint decision and a long term commitment.

Ask the child if it really enjoys being laughed at in school, not having many friends and being frightened of sports because it can’t do them. Ask older ones if they like never getting the girl, or boy, because of how they look. Then tell them it is easy to fix and you are doing it with them. Even if you are a slim parent of a fat child you can still join in.

What type of exercise? Most children love bicycles – they give older ones independence and all ages plenty of exercise. Skateboards can become an obsession and hours of practice equals hours of exercise. Overweight kids may not want to take part in team sports or athletics – but if they wish they could it is something to aim for. Those who hate the outdoors can dance or bowl or maybe go to the gym with friends.

Given the facilities indoor cycling or tennis is possible. Family swimming trips, cycle rides or just a half hour’s walk each evening can take care of adult obesity, if it is accompanied by a healthy diet. That’s all there is to it, how to get kids to lose weight is not difficult, so long as you and your child get regular exercise and eat the right food those extra pounds will soon be gone.

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