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How to Help Kids Lose Weight

The article touches upon the issue of How to Help Kids Lose Weight. Many kids need to lose weight. In the UK a survey found that children aged 8-10 are physically active for just 20 minutes a day. They should be active for an hour. By the time they reach 8 years old girls are less active than boys. Add daily treats and junk food to lack of exercise and we soon have overweight children. These children become obese adults with all the health and lifestyle problems this involves.

How to Help Kids Lose Weight

Obesity is, of course, not just a UK problem, it is a world problem. It is an environmental problem, because feeding an out of control world population is made harder by people eating more food than they need. In very many cases obesity starts at an early age, so how do we help our kids lose weight?

The first thing to do is, having decided your children are going to lose weight, tell them so and tell them why. If you are over weight yourself let them know you are going to lose weight with them. Some kids will agree, others will not be so enthusiastic. If they moan and complain that they will no longer get their treats and junk foods, like all the other kids, tell them who is in charge. If you end up giving in to the moans and complaints your children are in charge and you need to deal with it.

Exercise is the key to helping our kids lose weight. This may be another challenge for parents of a child who is obese because it dislikes exercise or dislikes exercise because it is obese. But working together as a family to find something everybody enjoys is the best way forward.

What can you do? Here are a few ideas.

Kick abouts: Kicking a ball in a local park with just the family or friends.

Walking: Round the block, in the park or walk to school if it is close enough.

Cycling: Round your local area or cycle to school if it is safe.

Swimming: Great fun and one of the best exercises.

Sports: If you kid is interested in sport encourage it. But exercise is needed every day, not just one game a week. Call daily exercise ‘training’ and it might make all the difference.

Get a dog: A sure fire way of having daily exercise is to get a dog. But think hard before you buy one. Forget the ‘I want a puppy and I’ll look after it myself’ approach. Your child will lose its enthusiasm after a month and you’ll be looking after a dog without help for the next 15 years.

But if you are happy to take on the commitment, and live somewhere suitable, a dog will get your child fit. So long as you don’t take the dog out yourself due to homework, favourite TV programs or the good old ‘I’m too tired’ excuse.

That is how to help kids lose weight. It must be a joint effort between us and the child. We must be firm and persistent. Losing weight may not be easy but it is the best way we can help our kids grow up to be fit healthy adults.

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