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How to Incorporate Exercise in Your Hectic Working Schedule

The article touches upon the issue of How to Incorporate Exercise in Your Hectic Working Schedule. We all know how important exercise is for your health. If you have a very busy workday that does not give you much time to exercise, don’t worry! There are many ways to incorporate it in your schedule. You can start by multi-tasking.

How to Incorporate Exercise in Your Hectic Working Schedule

During Weekdays

People working as professionals are often very busy that they sometimes cannot include exercise in their daily schedule. In reality, there are plenty of opportunities to include physical activity even on a workday.

  • If your office is located just a few blocks from your house, why not try to ride a bike instead of driving your car? By doing this, you can get your daily exercise, save on gas money, and avoid potential traffic jams. I encourage you to try this, you’ll never know, you might actually enjoy it!
  • If it’s impossible for you to ride a bike to go to work, there is another way you can squeeze in a few more minutes to exercise. I suggest you park your car in a spot that is a little bit far from your office. This will allow you to walk for 10-15 minutes to get to the office and back to your car.
  • If you get to work early, take the stairs instead of the lift. Climbing a flight of stairs is a good exercise. It will tone your legs, strengthen your core, and improve your stamina over time.

Exercising before going to work creates a game-on state of mind, so that you can get more out of your work day. Waking up 20 minutes earlier to do these exercises will surely be worth it.

During Weekends

Busy people usually see weekends as their rest days. Why do something tiring on a weekend, if you’ve been swamped with work all week long? Well, the irony is that the busier you are, the more you should exercise. In fact, regular exercise can boost your mood and your energy so you won’t feel exhausted all the time. You’ll also have extra energy to do other fun activities on the weekend.

  • Do house chores. Start with cleaning your room and move on to larger spaces. You can also try DIY repairs around the house. This will surely make you sweat and make you feel good about yourself for having accomplished something. Besides, it will be easier for you to relax in a house that is clean and neat!
  • If you have a dog, take him for a walk in the park. Aside from making you both fit and healthy, it can also serve as a bonding opportunity with your beloved pet.
  • Engage your family in sports. Play games with your kids or your spouse. Other than giving you a chance to exercise, it will also serve as chance to spend quality time with them.
  • Exercise while watching TV. You can do this more efficiently by using work out machines, like treadmills and ellipticals. Buy ellipticals online and keep yourself fit while watching your favorite show, in the comfort of your own home.

With a little creativity, multi-tasking and time management, you can maintain a healthy body even with a busy schedule. No more excuses, start a healthy living right now!

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