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How To Increase Your Bench Press

In this article I share what I learned about How To Increase Your Bench Press. The bench press has always been the worst lift for me and after seeing a couple of bodybuilders out-benching me with 150kg+ (while I was benching hardly 130…) I decided to go about increasing my bench.

How To Increase Your Bench Press

So after 3 months of trying odd routines of increasing my bench press, I went to a Russian weightlifting system and hoped to find something worth a try. Why Russian? Simply because they are badasses… And maybe because over the years they have “produced” the strongest athletes in the world.

So what I have found is called Smolov Jr. Bench Press. Yes, it is like Smolov Squat hardcore routine except one thing, this one is for Bench Press. Long story short, let’s go on to the 3-week Smolov Jr. Bench Press Challenge:

Smolov Jr. Bench Press Challenge

    Mon – 6x6x70%
    Wed – 7x5x75%
    Fri – 8x4x80%
    Sat – 10x3x85%
  • Week 2
    Mon – 6x6x70%+5 kg
    Wed – 7x5x75%+5 kg
    Fri – 8x4x80%+ 5 kg
    Sat – 10x3x85%+ 5 kg
  • Week 3
    Mon – 6x6x70%+ 10 kg
    Wed – 7x5x75%+ 10 kg
    Fri – 8x4x80%+ 10 kg
    Sat – 10x3x85%+10 kg

Couple Of Tips For This Challenge

  1. You are going to bench press 4 times per week, it’s a pretty intensive routine for your upper body so DO NOT OVERDO ASSISTANCE crap after your main lift — the bench press.
    Here are the recommended assistance lifts per week:
    Mon – Barbell/Dumbell Rows 3×10~12 , Tricep Extensions 3×10~12, Dumbell/Barbell Bicep Curls 3×10~12
    Wed – Face Pulls 3×12
    Fri – No Jack Shit in this day.
    Sat – Pull Ups/Chin Ups 3xMax
  2. You might want to do some Squats and Deadlifts so here is my template for it:
    Tue – Heavy Squat Day 3x4x85%, Light Deadlift Day 3×8~10×50%, Ab Wheel 3×20
    Thu – Heavy Deadlift Day 3x4x85%, Light Squat Day 3×8~10×50 %, Hanging Leg Raise 3×20
  3. Before you start another bench day do a good warm-up, especially for your shoulders because they’re going to suck in this challenge.
  4. As the Barbarian Brothers so succinctly stated, “there’s no such thing as overtraining, just undereating and undersleeping”.

That’s it for today kids, now go bench press!

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