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How To Kill Your Triceps

This article is about How To Kill Your Triceps. Hello there, in this brand new scroll I’m going to show you a fun way of killing your triceps, so that you shock them into overcoming that plateau!

Since the triceps muscle is 2/3 of your upper arm, getting it big will bear much more fruit than if concentrating on the biceps and I personally find them more fun to work.

How To Kill Your Triceps


High Intensity Workout

So the whole deal is that you perform 1 exercise with nearly no rest in between the sets – nothing revolutionary here, but often is overlooked in favor of the traditional slow-paced sets with plenty of rest.

The trick to making more than a few sets before passing out is to alternate weights – start with a low weight, finish set and switch to a high weight, finish the high weight set and get back to the lower one and so on.

It can be any exercise (skullcrushers, narrow-grip benchpress, …) but the one I’m going to highlight is the Triceps Kickback using a dumbbell, of course. (If you can do it with a barbell — kudos.)

How To Perform The Triceps Kickbacks

Let’s begin by outlining how to perform a Triceps Kickback. You may or may not use a bench, I’ll be explaining as if you’re using a bench but it’s not that different without — just lean on a chair with your arm.

  • Position yourself 45deg resting your idle arm and respective knee on the bench.
  • The other leg should be on the ground, not getting in the way of the arm performing the exercise.
  • Position the “working” upper arm next to your torso and keep it “glued”.
  • Move the lower arm up and down, without “locking”. (As in do not straighten your arm to the fullest.)
  • Feel the triceps! If you do – you’re doing it right! It’s quite hard to get it wrong.

Juggling Weights With Triceps Kickbacks

A familiar workout technique is called a “drop-set” – where you start off with a high weight, and each consecutive set you “drop” some weight and all that with no rest whatsoever, usually done until total fatigue.

Only this variation is targeted at 2 distinct weights which you “juggle” between each set, until you go “oh mama please stop.”

Before the workout plan, here’s a small legend:
Low weight: such that you can do 20+ reps easily with.
High Weight: such that you can hardly do 10 reps with.

  • Low weight x 10 reps x both arms
  • High weight x 10 reps x both arms
  • Rinse and repeat for 5 sets, above is 1 set, without any rest.

Some Final Words

It’s quite easy to over-train with, so you better off keeping this as a secret weapon to serve as a “wake up call” for your triceps when they feel like slacking off and not growing!

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