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How to Lose Belly Fat

That article tells you about How to Lose Belly Fat. It’s a familiar story. You have been eating a healthy diet, taken regular exercise and have lost weight. Things are looking good, except for your belly which is not looking good at all. Why should that be? Why are you not losing weight all over? It’s a good question. The simple answer is that your weight loss program has not gone on long enough and that you will lose your belly fat over time. But it is not always as easy as that.

How to Lose Belly Fat

A woman of post menopausal or near menopausal age can have hormone balance problems. The body’s natural insulin level shifts, disrupting its hormone levels. This is more likely to occur if you are over weight to begin with. Your hormonal imbalance can cause cravings for sugars and carbohydrates, thus making you even more overweight.

 Another possible cause is stress.  Stress can cause comfort eating and this is a sure fire way of putting on weight. But in addition the hormone cortisol is released by stress and this encourages fat to build up in the abdominal area. Of course the dozens of overweight people you see in any High Street or shopping mall do not all have these problems. But plenty are menopausal women and plenty comfort eat for whatever reason.

 So how do you lose belly fat? One thing to know is you cannot target it. Crunches and toe touching are fine and will help you get fit, but they will not specifically help belly fat. You need to eat a healthy diet and get plenty of exercise. If you have been doing this already look at the diet you are eating. If you have just tried a fast weight loss program perhaps you have chosen the wrong diet for you. Fast weight loss diets can be fine if you choose a sensible one that does not promise miracles, but always stop after a few weeks. There is recent research which suggests starting with a fast weight loss diet lets you see results, motivates you and is a good way into a long term weight loss program.

 For your long term weight loss you need a safe healthy diet. My favourite is the Mediterranean diet. This tastes good, is varied and helps you lose weight slowly and effectively. How much exercise have you been doing? It should be a minimum of 30 minutes a day. The type of exercise can vary to suit your preference, but walking or jogging is easy and enjoyable.

 If you have already lost a lot of weight some of your belly fat may really be excess skin. As you get bigger your skin stretches, but as you lose weight your skin does not always shrink back again and can settle around your waist. This can be more of a problem with people who have lost a lot of weight. If it is really causing you distress it is time for a chat with your doctor.

Losing belly fat is not always easy. Do not expect fast results. Just take your time, keep to your healthy lifestyle and you will do it.

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