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How to Lose Weight by Christmas

The purpose of the article is to give you some information on How to Lose Weight by Christmas. If you can lose weight by Christmas you will have a lot less to worry about when Christmas arrives. We all know that most people not only wake up with a big hangover on 1 January but with a big waistline as well. But if they decide in October to lose weight by Christmas the worst to happen will be they go back to their October weight.

How to Lose Weight by Christmas

That seems to me a good idea. Eating more healthy food at Christmas is also a good idea and worth a try, but it could be forgiven if once a year healthy food takes a back seat. This, of course, is the best of reasons to lose weight by Christmas.

How much weight can you lose in just two months? You can drop a dress or pants size without much effort. You can lose 16 pounds with a little more effort. To drop a dress size, assuming your present weight is steady, all you need do is take in 500 calories less a day. That means cutting out a butter croissant and caffe latte or a slice of Victoria sponge.

You will need to take some exercise to help things along and you should exercise for 30 minutes each day. Just do something that feels like exercise, jog, walk the dog, dig the garden, clean the house. Do that and you should lose about 1 pound a week. If you want to lose more you will need to look at your overall diet and lifestyle and start eating more healthy food.

Whichever route you take you should lose weight by Christmas and reach the holiday slimmer and healthier. If you like what you see maybe it is time to look at eating a more healthy Christmas dinner.

You may think that messing with Christmas dinner is dangerous ground. But there are a few tips – recommended by the British NHS no less – which can reduce calories without promoting a family riot.

Turkey. Most of the fat is in the skin. Prick it to allow the fat to drain away. Make sure your turkey is not cooked sitting in fat, so put it on an upturned oven proof plate or something similar.

Stuffing. Sausage meat contains a lot of fat. Stuff with cranberry, orange and roast chestnut stuffing instead.

Roast potatoes. Potatoes are fine, but if roasted in oil they will contain fat. Baked potatoes are a lot better for you, but be careful with the amount of butter you use when you eat them.

Gravy. Low fat gravy can be made by pouring the turkey juices into a jug and spooning off the fat when it rises to the surface.

Bread sauce. Luxury bread sauce mix contains a lot of calories. Use semi skimmed milk and add a clove of garlic for flavour.

Christmas pudding.   You can save calories by replacing cream and brandy butter with low fat custard made from semi skimmed milk or fat free Greek yoghurt.

So there we have a Christmas dinner which tastes about the same as the dinner everybody was expecting and saves over 100 calories. You will have to compromise of course, the Christmas pudding may be sacred, but do your best. Everything helps and if you have already managed to lose weight by Christmas you might still be able to wear a smaller dress or pants size on 1 January.

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