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How to Lose Weight Over 50

In this article I’ll tell you about How to Lose Weight Over 50. Fifty may be the new forty, but for some of us it is the time when we begin to notice we are not as fit as we were. Maybe we get out of breath climbing the stairs, or it becomes easier to drive to the post office than to walk, our clothes become a little tight, and we avoid looking in the mirror. Does it matter? That is really up to you. There are some who love good food and fine wines, or maybe just Budweiser and pizza, enough to accept weight gain.

How to Lose Weight Over 50

Heart attacks, type 2 diabetes and strokes are not guaranteed. It is possible to enjoy an unhealthy lifestyle and live to a good age. The problem is many overweight unfit people do not live to a good age and nobody knows if they will be a winner or a loser. It makes sense to be as fit as you are able and you can do it without giving up all of the lifestyle you enjoy. So how do you do it?

 What you need is a balance of diet and regular exercise. Do that and you will lose weight and become more fit, which in turn is likely to give you a longer healthier life. There are only two things you have to consider, so it is easy enough to begin.

 Diet: By diet I do not mean the fast weight loss diets you may eat to lose a few pounds for a special event. These diets can work, but results are never long term and they can cause problems if you use them too often or choose the wrong diet. You need to change your lifestyle so that meals you normally eat are low in the fats and sugars which make you put on weight. My favourite long term diet is the Mediterranean diet.

This not only works but has many variations, tastes good and you can even drink the occasional glass of wine with your meal. An advantage of a change of lifestyle of this sort is that you can enjoy a celebratory meal or drink without worrying about putting weight back on again. So long as you keep to your basic healthy meals at other times all will be well.

 Exercise: One of the problems of keeping fit as we grow older is that we lose muscle mass. So you need to build up muscle with exercise to slow the decline. This should be done in three ways. The easiest aerobic exercises are walking and jogging.

A minimum of 30 minutes a day will go a long way towards keeping you fit. Strength training is useful and lifting light hand weights is a good way of toning muscles. Stretching exercises to increase bodily flexibility should also be part of an exercise program. As well as improving muscle tone you will be burning calories and you must exercise to burn more calories than you take in with your food in order to lose weight.

 That is all there is to it. Apart from balancing exercises, which may be needed as we get older, becoming fit and losing weight is much the same whatever your age. Of course older people may not be able to do as much as those half their age, but they still need to keep as active as possible.

It is fine to walk or jog 30 minutes a day, but it is even better if you also climb stairs instead of using the elevator, walk your grand children to school or even get a dog. There was a time when nobody over 50 was fit. People were expected to slow down and spend the rest of their lives putting on weight. We now know this is not necessary and is a bad idea. The really good news is we know what to do about it.

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