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How To Overcome Plateaus

The article is about How To Overcome Plateaus. If you’re a beginner bodybuilder, then you probably do not know the term, because beginners see much progress in the first year or so. But as time goes by you may find yourself stuck, hit a plateau of progress. You wind up working out just to maintain what you have achieved, not seeing more muscle size! Let’s see how you can avoid that.

How To Overcome Plateaus

A plateau is hit when your body gets accustomed to the strain you put it through — the intensity of the workouts. Doing the same routines over and over again will lead to getting used to, no more “unknown attacks” upon your body and hence it not being stimulated to grow.


Increase Weight

A no-brainer actually, but still a prevailing reason for bodybuilders’ plateaus. You get to a weight you’re comfortable with, not light but also not that heavy, and stick with it for a prolonged time not giving it a second thought. While the weight may get you panting by the end of the last rep, it still may be way behind for optimal growth. Add more weight and do the same number of sets and reps.

Vary Exercises

Vary your exercises from time to time, say each month switch some exercises with others related. This way you allow “attacks from different angles”, as in work your muscles in different ways. Doing many different exercises (with good form of course) will make sure you stimulate an overall growth of the muscle groups. Each exercise works the muscle in a little different way, each is a new source of growth-stimulation, something the muscle has to learn to cope with anew.

Log Your Workouts

When you definitely without a doubt know that you’ve hit a plateau and want to overcome it, not keeping track of your workouts is absolutely counter-productive. You need to know what you’re doing to plan a workout routine that will exceed the previous ones in intensity. Track weight lifted for exercises and for how many sets and reps. Try every workout to increase the weight, even if by a little bit.

Proper Diet And Sufficient Rest

You may actually be lacking in a proper diet and/or rest. It may be that your workouts are perfectly fine but you unknowingly neglect those two. Think for a moment, are you getting enough protein? Enough complex carbohydrates that act as a continuous source of energy? Enough healthy fats for overall bodily health? Enough sleep at night? Enough days off between vigorous workouts?

Periodical week-off from training completely? Sometimes you need to take a vacation from bodybuilding to really see the results kick in, you may be training too hard and constantly interfering with your body’s attempts of rebuilding and growing!

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