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How to Stop Craving Food

In the article I’m going to tell you about How to Stop Craving Food. So you decide to diet. You begin eating the right things and all is going really well until you start craving food. Not the right food – the wrong food. You have had cravings before, in fact cravings are the reason you put on weight.

How to Stop Craving Food

Why do you have them? They are part of how you live and how you think of yourself. You eat because you have cravings and cravings have a reason. Do you?

Eat to cheer yourself up?

Eat because of boredom?

Binge eat?

Worry about how you look?

Put yourself down and feel you cannot achieve anything?

Go on a diet and feel depressed because you might fail?

Start diets and give up?

Most of these problems are the result of your self image. You don’t like the way you look, so you comfort eat and that makes things worse. Maybe you have failed at diets or other things in life, so you carry on expecting the worst and being proved right. It is easy enough to say you should just be more positive. But it is the only way. In life as in business keep doing the same thing and you will keep getting the same results. You must aim for some changes.

Why do you worry about how you look? Some people worry because they feel they have failed by not looking like people in celebrity magazines and on TV. Most of those are tall, slim and young. Do not try to look like them. It costs a lot of money and if you are 40, short and thickset you will never look 20 tall and slim anyway. Wanting to look good is fine and great motivation to lose weight and get fit. But be realistic. You can be the best looking, fittest, most sexy shorty in town. That is realistic and you can do it. If you are already tall and young you have not far to go to be slim as well. You can do that too, these things are achievable.

Find the motivation and everything falls into place, Eat healthy food, exercise and you will lose weight. What about the cravings? What if you really must have chocolate or ice cream or a full English breakfast? Don’t deny yourself altogether and feel miserable. Or worse, eat an ice cream and feel a failure afterwards. Just put a limit on high calorie meals or high sugar snacks.

Have a bar of chocolate or a big meal once a week. But, whatever your favourite unhealthy food is, never keep a supply in the house. You’ll just eat the lot and get some more. Pace yourself and you will be fine. What you should keep in the fridge are healthy snacks for when you do want something to eat mid morning.

If you get bored can you find something enjoyable to pass the time? Perhaps you have tried and can’t think of anything. But is this not the same old self image problem? Think of something you would like to take part in but have put off doing. Tell yourself you can do it. Then do it.

If you have failed with diets consider what diets are. If you tried a fast weight loss diet and lost weight you did not fail, you succeeded. That is what fast weight loss diets do. The best ones are effective short term weight loss programs, nothing more. If you put on weight again when you stopped, that is because nothing changed, apart from you doing a short term weight loss program. Remember keep doing the same thing and you will get the same results. You carried on living as you had before your diet so you put weight back on.

To lose weight long term you just need to change to eating healthy food and taking regular exercise. Choose the sort of healthy food you like, so that it does not become something you must force yourself to eat. The Mediterranean diet is a good start if you are looking for a long term tasty diet. To lose some weight, before you start dieting long term, consider a good fast weight loss program for two or three weeks.

Long term diets will lose you one or two pounds a week, so losing weight faster short term will encourage you to continue. Don’t feel guilty and worry about cravings but try to limit them Do this and you will become fit and healthy, you will know you look good and everybody will too.

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