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Is quick weight loss for real?

In this article I share what I learned about the following question – Is quick weight loss for real? Quick weight loss is surely a quick way to get sick and unhealthy and cannot fulfil your dream of a perfect body. A week to go for the yearly beach trip and a look in the mirror tells you that there is not much to choose between an overstuffed potato bag and you. You are not alone, we all have gone through a similar predicament.

Is quick weight loss for real

Since you have to lose weight fast, the race against time begins- you live on strawberries, exercise like an over-enthusiastic athlete, drink water like there’s no tomorrow and finally end up in a week’s time exhausted, off-colour ,not wanting to get out of bed and definitely in no mood for a holiday. So, does quick weight loss really work?


The absurdity of quick weight loss

You may have seen and heard of quick weight loss solutions in the office or on the internet, newspapers and magazines. They are not only absurd but dangerous and include hour long treadmill runs dressed in a plastic bag, herbal/spice lotions and potions and coffee and chilli diet .For the health aware and rational person these ideas are scary and amusing but for the crash dieter they are detrimental and downright dangerous.

Think rationally

It is estimated that ½ kilo(1 pound ) of body fat is about16000 kilojoules(about 4000 calories). So, you can see why it is practically impossible to lose a substantial amount of body fat in a short period. Running a lot, eating very little or taking supplements cannot help create a large enough calorie deficit so that you lose 1-2 kilos in a week. Crash dieters with dramatic changes in diet and exercise and due to supplements intake show negative effects on the body like-nausea, headache, diarrhoea, constipation, vomiting, lethargy, insomnia or lack of concentration etc.

Effective and right way to lose weight

Effective weight loss can be brought about by setting a realistic pace like ½ kilo per week. To attain this, you have to eat less, take healthier foods and exercise more. So, in order to be prepared for the bikini season, your toning, exercising and diet watching schedule should begin a few months in advance. As there is no short-cut to weight loss, be advised that the tempting quick weight loss ideas are just a short-cut to ill-health and injury and not to that bikini-perfect figure.

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