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It’s a Goal with Fitness Walking

The article concerns the following – It’s a Goal with Fitness Walking. We set goals every day.  We set a goal to catch a bus at 10.30 am. The bus driver sets a goal to arrive there on time. Probably.

It is the same with your fitness walking program. You may have several goals. Lose 12 pounds by Easter is your long term goal. Walk a mile in 20 minutes is your short term goal. To improve your diet over time you will need to start by cutting out a trip to Starbucks today. That’s both long and short term.

It’s a Goal with Fitness Walking

So goals are necessary. But don’t let them take over. Spring is nearly here. If you take half an hour to walk a mile because you have been admiring the snowdrops, that’s fine. You are improving your quality of life, not training for the 2012 Olympics.

It is the excuse that is the real problem. The little voice that says it’s too wet/cold/hot/windy to go out. The voice that says you deserve a trip to Starbucks because you have just spent a morning gardening or ironing shirts. Shame on you, this really won’t do. Stay with your fitness walking program and soon you will be fit and healthy. Your want that, don’t you.? It’s easy, just set yourself goals. 

Do you believe extravagant claims?   I hope not. We have all seen advertisements for secret herbal remedies passed down by Inca priests. Stolen by Spanish seafarers and used for generations. Now available on the internet for 27 dollars plus postage and packing. There is no mention that Inca priests had a life expectancy of 35 years and you are unlikely to suffer the infirmities of Spanish seafarers. We hope.

So when I find yet another report of the benefits of fitness walking I am a little suspicious. All I claim is that it is good for you, makes you more healthy and probably lengthens your life. However we are now told that exercise, and particularly walking, can cut the risk of colon cancer by 25 per cent. The British Journal of Cancer Study combined results of research covering many kinds of exercise including fitness walking. They looked at 52 studies from the past 25 years and found a dramatic drop in the incidence of colon cancer in those taking regular exercise. The benefit was the same for men and women.

This is not an extravagant claim, it is based on sound research. It is good news and once again reinforces the need for all of us to keep fitness walking whatever our age.

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