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Killer 3-Exercise Shoulders Workout

In the article I’m going to tell you about Killer 3-Exercise Shoulders Workout. For most men great shoulders are something they aspire to have. Big shoulders can really show how much fitness and training you are doing and what’s even better is that defined shoulders look great both in and out of clothes as they give your figure a great shape.

Killer 3-Exercise Shoulders Workout

However, shoulder exercises are one of the easiest to get wrong and can easily cause damage too as the joint has some of the smallest muscles.  Another thing to watch out for is whether or not you are actually doing the exercise correctly as shoulder workouts can also be easy to cheat without realizing, especially when using your legs too.


Show Me The Exercises!

The top shoulder exercises that have shown to give the best results are these 3. Keeping things simple is always the best motto for most things and that is also applicable to getting those great muscular shoulders!

  • Dumbbell Press
    One of the first exercises to try out is the dumbbell press which can be done sitting or standing as you prefer.  This exercises the middle deltoid. Try not to lean back when doing this as that is less effective. If you are doing it from standing also try to avoid bouncing on your legs because then you won’t be exercising your shoulders — it will be the momentum from your legs doing all the work.
  • Shoulder Raises
    Another good one that you can do from the comfort of your own home is shoulder raises as they work every muscle in your shoulder and alternating with frontal, lateral and rear raise sets can optimize results.
  • Upright Row
    Last but not least are the upright row shoulder exercises as this gets the middle deltoid predominantly but also the biceps and upper back muscles.

Sticking to these 3 exercises will give you a well-rounded shoulder workout.

Frequency And Intensity

Frequency is obviously also vital when using these 3 top shoulder exercises in your daily or weekly workout. No one is going to get big or defined shoulders doing one of each every week, you need to do enough reps to get the results you want. Beginners and more advanced professionals will have different amounts, but at least 1 of these exercises should be done in a couple of sets of 12 repetitions. You should also build up the weight that you use gradually unless you have been training for a long period already. Do what is comfortable for you without causing yourself injury as otherwise you will be back to square one!

Slowly But Surely

Another key aspect when doing shoulder exercises is that speed is not always the best for results, slow and thorough repetitions with tight abs are actually more effective for building up muscle strength. Slow and steady wins the race for super shoulders!

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