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Laxatives and Weight Loss

This article is about Laxatives and Weight Loss. Many “natural” weight loss products live up to their promise to help lose weight only because their main ingredient is a diuretic or a laxative – both of which cause temporary weight loss. Senna for example is present in many herbal preparations and so called herbal dieter’s teas. It’s a potent cathartic used in numerous over-the –counter laxatives. Long term abuse of laxatives can ruin intestinal tone and will not help with long term weight loss.

Laxatives and Weight Loss

There is a wrong belief that by using laxatives weight can be lost quickly. But one must not use laxatives to loose weight as it causes water loss and dehydration which can lead to poor vision and kidney damage. Once a person becomes addict to these laxatives it can also become life threatening. And also day by day the amount of laxatives had to be increased to produce bowl movements. And one day that person may loose his natural bowl movement totally. Laxative addicts can face the problems of irritable bowel syndrome ( gas, rectal pain , constipation, and diarrhea ) and bowel tumors.

Improper use of laxatives and enemies can cause serious, some times irreversible and sometimes fatal problems. After proper digestion the bowel movement received the food residue from small intestine. When the bowel fills the fecal matter stimulates the never ending which caused muscle contraction and that helps in bowel movement.

But laxatives artificially stimulate the nerve ending and bowel movement. Laxatives take out lots of water from the colon as well as food residue. Naturally the colon has a protective layer of mucus which protects from infections but the continuous use of these laxatives damage this protective mucus and makes it vulnerable to infections.

The weight lost after use of laxatives is considered as a false weight loss. One should not use laxatives those who refuse to drink liquids which causes faintness, improper heart beat and in some causes death can also occurred. Continuous use of laxatives cause imbalance of electrolyte like sodium, potassium in blood.

Instead of using laxatives one can eat enough fiber contains items like whole grains, fresh fruits and raw vegetables. The skin and peels to contain high fiber content.

Drink enough water nearly 8 to 10 glasses per day. Fresh fruit juices are also good for health.

Walking in the morning helps the intestinal muscles to work that moves the contents of the digestive tract.

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