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Long Term Fat Loss Solutions – 7 Steps That Make Fat Loss Easier

In this article I share what I learned about Long Term Fat Loss Solutions – 7 Steps That Make Fat Loss Easier. The war on the waist won’t be won by exercise alone. You need to combine a fitness routine with with healthy eating in order to reach your ideal waist measurements. Only a combination of proper food choices and and sweat equity will help you succeed. Good food choices are especially important at midlife when our metabolism slows and our food intake increases. No one told us in our youth that we’d have to switch to half rations in our fifth decade, but it’s a strategy that will make long term fat loss easier as we age.

Long Term Fat Loss Solutions
[Eating more salads (and vegetables in general) is a great way to reduce the amount of calories you consume while enjoying a delicious meal and feeling full.]

#1 – Forget Diets – They Don’t Work

Why do we gain weight? It all comes down to calories. It’s eating too much and not exercising that makes us fat. It’s intake equals output. Managing your weight and your health is easy if you decide to make it a lifelong commitment instead of a temporary crash diet.

#2 – Use Self Control

Avoid the “eat everything” diet where you promise to start tomorrow. If you overindulge, just cut back portions the rest of the day by 20% to balance it out (about a 1/4 less food than you normally eat). To cut back on portions use smaller dessert size plates or compartmentalized plates where you can divide protein starch and vegetable visually. This simple change can make a long term difference in maintaining fat loss.

#3 – Undersize me!

Portions of meat poultry fatty fish should be the size of a deck of cards. Eat as many green vegetables as you like and have 2-3 servings of fruit each day. Heavy starches like rice and potatoes should be the size of a half baseball. Be careful with sauces and dressings as they pack on the calories. Instead try new exotic spices or fresh herbs.

#4 – Finish Each Meal When You Are 80% Full

Never fill your stomach always leave some room. Tell yourself you can have more later. Take a break half way through to see if you are still hungry. Most of the time we keep eating because food is available rather than to satisfy hunger.

#5 – Eat Slowly

It takes your brain 10 to 15 minutes to realize what you have eaten. If you eat quickly, by the time your brain the full signal you have already overeaten.

#6 – Water And Veggies Fill You Up

Serve water with every meal to help fill you up.Studies from Dr.Barbara Rolls a nutrition researcher and author of VOLUMETRICS eating advises to start each meal with a big salad or a non cream based vegetable soup. People who begin their meals this way eat less losing more quickly than whose who do not eat soup or salad. It’s a healthy way to get more veggies in your daily eating plan.

#7 – Choose The Right Snacks

Make healthy choices with fruit , veggies, nuts,yogurt and protein bars. Avoid the chips, candy and white starchy carbs, they spike your blood sugar and then cause you to crash and feel hungry a few hours later.

Try to implement just one of these ideas into your plan over the coming week. As you feel comfortable with the changes, add another new healthy habit. Take gradual baby steps toward permanent fat loss and you will find the transition easier and smoother. Slow and steady wins the race!

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