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Looking Good Over 50

Looking good over 50 is not just a matter of dressing well and going to the hairdresser, although of course that helps. You need to be fit and healthy as well; for some 50 is the new 40 but for too many of us it is the new 60. A devotion to fast food and daytime television can pile on the years as well as the pounds. Only small children want to look older than their years, so what can you do about it?

Looking Good Over 50
First of all convince yourself that whatever age you are, and however out of shape you are, looking good over 50 is achievable. Just look around, there are fit people of 50, 60, 70 and more years of age. You will see them jogging, riding, sailing, cycling and doing many other things. What they will not be doing is sitting in a bar with a beer or wandering about eating a hamburger.
Fit older people have one thing in common. They exercise and some of them exercise a lot. To get fit you will have to do the same.

What if you have no time? Find the time – we are only talking of 30 minutes a day. You can even do it in two 15 minute sessions if time is a really desperate problem. Your daily exercise is essential and 30 minutes is the minimum, do more if you can and you will get fit faster.
Exercise can be any of the things I mentioned or a gym if you prefer indoor exercise. Think of what you can do in your daily life.

Use stairs rather than the elevator, walk to the post office or the station, get off the bus a stop early – it all helps. Don’t use bad weather as an excuse not to exercise, it might go on for a week, just get wet or cold and thaw out when you get home. Sometimes exercise is at its best when you stop doing it.
Of course you will not find looking good over 50 easy with exercise alone. You can probably do it with enough exercise, but it will be hard to burn the calories eaten if you are a junk food addict. Give up the junk food and problem solved. By junk food I mean most of the food you get at fast food stores, including what they call healthy options.

Also snacks in packets and fizzy drinks. You don’t have to live on lettuce, just try to cut out fatty food, sugar, and white processed foods along with the fast food. There is plenty to eat which tastes even better than junk food and will give you a healthy balanced diet.
Looking good over 50 does need some dedication, if it didn’t everybody would be fit and healthy, but it is well worth the effort.

Take your time; losing 1-2 pounds a week is fine. Short term fast weight loss will do you no harm if you pick a good diet such as Collagen Renew. Stop it after you have lost a few pounds and never let your weight yo-yo with fast weight loss diets. You need a long term change in lifestyle not a quick diet to keep you looking good at 50. It’s not too difficult to get fit and look good and then enjoying life comes easy.

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