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Machine Workouts VS. Free-Weight Workouts

In this article I share what I learned about Machine Workouts VS. Free-Weight Workouts.

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So, one of the  most popular debates when it comes to weight lifting is whether it is machines that will give the best big-arms workout or those dumbbell curls that will get you liking what you see in the mirror. There are obviously pros and cons for doing both machine weight lifting and free weight workouts and throughout this post we will look at both to see which will help the most with your workout!

Machine Workouts VS. Free-Weight Workouts

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Pros of machines workout

  • Less likely to cause yourself injury- this is a great way for newbies to weight lifting to get started. Machine weights are more supportive so you are less likely to over-extend or have poor form while completing the reps. You can also then focus more effort on the exercise in hand than worrying about how to do it.
  • Faster workout- there is no need to adjust the dumbbells; machines are ready to go straight away and can work out a specific set of muscles- such as a peck deck.
  • Easy to use- there is no need to have to employ an expert trainer for weight lifting on machines as they usually have clear diagrams and instructions on how to complete the weight lift exercise.

Oh no! the machines have won!! Or not..?

Cons of machines workout

  • Limited- although they can work a muscle well, this then means you have to use a lot of machines to get a full body work out. The support they give can also hinder your workout because you’re using less muscles.
  • Not flexible- because the machine is for use by lots of different people it does not work with your body’s natural movements such as the Smith machine — squats on this can sometimes lead to a bad back.

Pros of Free weights

  • Increased use of stabilizing muscles- when you lift a free weight not only are the muscles working to lift it there are also other muscles in the body working to stabilise the exercise. For example when doing a bench press you use the chest and triceps but also muscles in your wrists and hands too.
  • Versatility- one weight can be used to work a whole host of different muscle groups and with extra plates they can be added to increase your progress.
  • Less expensive- you can use free weights in the comfort of your own home — you don’t need a fancy gym membership.

Cons of Free weights

  • Easier to inure yourself- is a lot easier to harm yourself by choosing a weight too heavy or being in the wrong position when doing the weight lifting exercise.
  • Harder to learn- without a trainer to show you exactly what to do it’s easier not to know what the proper form is for different exercises.

Overall it seems to be the free weights have the most glowing review, if you are a beginner perhaps stick to the machines at the start but even then free weights should be used as soon as you feel ready to for optimum results. For those who want to get serious about their weight lifting training free weights are better for strengthening and increasing those muscles in less time.

And the winner is!…

As always in life, no straightforward answer, everything sticks to the gray zone… Therefore know the pros & cons guys, and use both wisely!

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