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Make Your Own Weight-Training Program!

In the article I’m going to tell you about how to Make Your Own Weight-Training Program! Weight-lifting programs can be a great way to decrease your body fat percentage and increase lean muscle mass–or in simpler terms–get big muscles! However, each person is different — everyone has their own weight limits and might want different things from their training.

Make Your Own Weight-Training Program

If you want a big chest there are different exercises to do than for big arms and some people want to tone and define rather than build. Here are a few basic guidelines for accessing and planning the best weight-lifting program for you.


Devising A Workout Routine: Where To Begin?

It really depends on your level
If you are experienced at lifting weights and just want to maximize potential results then you need very different advice than to a beginner.

Set goals first
However for all those people just beginning a weight-lifting program you need to decide what it is you want to gain from it before devising a program.

There’s more to it than choosing exercises
You also need to base your weight-lifting program on a few key factors: frequency, intensity, volume and weight lifting exercises. Each of these aspects can be done at different levels but each needs to be considered no matter what level you are.

First Things First: Guidelines To Crafting Your Program

Frequency is key
The first thing to consider when devising a weight-lifting program is frequency. How often you should train a week depends on your level, but whether you are a beginner or a more advanced weight-lifter — each muscle group should be worked at least twice a week if you want to have any noticeable results, just doing it once is not regular enough for you to get any progress.

Number of repetitions
The number of repetitions you do in a set or the intensity of your weight-lifting workout is also important. The amount you do can affect the outcome, so for building up strength do fewer repetitions, for muscle endurance do more and for building muscle somewhere in between (5-12 repetitions) will provide optimum results.

Repetitions volume
The volume of repetitions for each muscle group also needs to be worked out before starting a weight-lifting program. For each muscle group you need different amounts and if you want one aspect to be better then obviously do more repetitions on this than the other.

What motivates you?
Depending on what is motivating you means doing different weight-lifting exercises. However for most programs you should try and start off with compound exercises at first and later on you can move on to add some isolated weight lifting exercises.

Favor compound exercises if just starting out
Compound exercises add muscle mass faster as they are multi-joint movements so you will kick-start your progress with these. You should also ensure there is a balance of push vs. pull exercises in your weight-lifting program so there is no muscular imbalance.

Get Muscle Or Die Trying: Always Experiment

If something with your weight-lifting program isn’t working you can always change it and experiment with a different exercise or intensity. If you see someone else doing an exercise or program that looks beneficial, if it’s safe to do it and they seem at the same level as you then be observant and try it out. If you stay open minded about your weight-lifting exercises then you can progress further and get the results you want faster.

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