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Muscle Building By Your Body Type

This article tells you about Muscle Building By Your Body Type. One mistake that some people make as they go about their muscle building diet and workout plan is thinking that what works for one person is going to work exactly the same for another.

Muscle Building By Your Body Type

It’s a must that you come to understand that each and every person will be unique in their body chemistry and while certain rules definitely do stand across all people for what it takes to build muscle, you must adapt your program to your own particular body type if you want to see success.

What works great for one person may actually cause another to lose muscle mass, so it’s a must that you take your own nature into consideration as you structure your workout and diet program.

Let’s take a closer look at the main three body types that you need to know about that are going to influence the nature of the program you should be using.



The first body type is the endomorph. This body type is characterized as being prone to gaining excess body fat and may already be slightly heavier set.

If you happen to have this body type, you’re going to have to watch your diet much more carefully and may want to add some cardio into the picture as well.  Since your body does tend to store fat, if you take in too many calories and run a very high calorie surplus, chances are good that you’ll be packing on weight – and not muscle, in a hurry.

For you, a slow and steady approach will be best as it’ll help you stay leaner.


The next body type to note is the ectomorph. This is the body type that is naturally very skinny and may struggle to build muscle regardless of what program you use. If you feel like you eat and eat yet never seem to gain a pound, this is your body type.

The best approach for this individual will be a lower volume workout, focusing on heavy weight and low reps with very little cardio training.  In addition to that, this person should be focusing on getting in as many calories as possible through the use of calorie dense foods such as nuts, raw oats, red meat, protein powder, and dried fruit.

The more calories they can consume and the less active they can be apart from their workouts, the better the chances they stand of gaining lean muscle mass.


Finally, the last body type is the mesomorph. This is the lucky body type because these individuals tend to build muscle mass quite readily, so it doesn’t take a whole lot for them to progress forward.

All they really need to focus on doing is eating a moderately high calorie diet, providing an overloading stimulus in the gym, and maybe doing a cardio session or two a week.

If they do this, they should be on track to success.

So assess your own body for a moment and see where you are. Then use this information to better structure your own program so that you can make sure you’re doing things properly to see the results you’re after.

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