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‘Muscle Building Foods’ That Pack On The Body Fat

That article is about ‘Muscle Building Foods’ That Pack On The Body Fat. If you’re working towards the goal to build more lean muscle mass, chances are good that you are also taking a look at the diet you’re following and making sure that things line-up there.

Muscle Building Foods

Workouts and diet go hand in hand in terms of bringing you the results that you want to see from your efforts, so eating the right foods is a must.

Most people realize that the best muscle building foods are going to be those that provide a higher level of calories because to build more muscle, you must be using a higher calorie intake.

That said, there are some foods that people think are great for muscle building, but that are actually just more likely to pack on excess body fat.

Let’s go over what these are so that you can clear up the confusion.

Homo Milk

The very first thing that you may want to rethink is homo milk.  While milk is definitely a powerful muscle building beverage and should be included in your diet, the homo variation simply has too much excess saturated fat.

While you do want some saturated fat in your plan as this can help to keep testosterone levels higher, take in too much and you’ll just increase you r risk of heart disease along with excess body fat.

Choose 1 or 2% varieties and you’ll be far better off.

Protein Bars

The next ‘muscle building food’ that you may want to leave off your menu are protein bars.  Unless you’re preparing your own using wholesome ingredients, commercial protein bars are loaded in simple sugars and don’t even contain that high quality of a protein source.

As a result, they’re really not a whole lot better than a candy bar.  They aren’t going to provide you with long-lasting fuel and won’t even provide high quality nutrients for your body to build muscle with.

Use them on in times of complete emergencies when you have no other options.

Ground Beef

The next food that you will want to rethink is ground beef.  Many guys who are looking to build muscle are definitely beef fanatics and want to use this time to up their consumption because they know when they move back into a diet phase, they’re going to be eating a lot of chicken and fish – not much beef will be on the menu.

But still, you’ll want to opt for steak or venison instead.  These varieties are lower in saturated fat and higher in protein, so will have a far more superior muscle building profile.

Furthermore, if you do want to make meatballs or something else that typically uses ground beef, then use ground turkey instead.  It’s low in fat and high in protein – so will make for a far more superior option.

Regular Bagels

Finally, last but not least, don’t overlook bagels. White bagels are not much more than sugar bombs so while they may be good post-workout, limit it to that.

You’re better off choosing a slower burning source of carbohydrate in the diet such as sweet potatoes or brown rice.

So rethink these foods if they’re currently making their way into your muscle building plan. If you can get them out of there, you’ll see better results.

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