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Must I Exercise to Lose Weight?

The article concerns the following question Must I Exercise to Lose Weight? You are often told you must exercise to lose weight. There is a lot of truth in this. Just look at an average truck driver to see the effect of little exercise and a poor diet. Britain has recently achieved the honour of being the most obese nation in Europe as a result of its lifestyle. Spending all day in coffee shops, their time interrupted only by pushing a pushchair to the nearest fast food outlet is the routine of many British women.

Must I Exercise to Lose Weight

The result is highly visible and now statistically confirmed. Nearly 24 percent of women are obese, followed closely by men at 22 percent, many of whom have similar sedentary lifestyles. Just across the English Channel the French are doing a lot better. They enjoy their food and are not fitness fanatics but only 13 percent of their women are obese and 12 percent of their men. I have rounded up the figures, but they are close enough. So there is a difference and we must ask why. The secret, of course, is what the French eat and how much.

It is well known that to lose weight you must burn more calories than you eat. You don’t have to exercise to burn calories; you can use up 95 calories in an hour just sitting reading a book. The problem is you would have to do it 5 hours a day for 7 days to lose 1 pound. That is assuming you made no change to your present diet and you were not snacking while you read the book.

Many people do spend long periods sitting still and put on weight, which means they are eating more calories than they burn. Just to carry on with your present diet and cut down on your food consumption will probably not work. You become hungry and struggle on, but as you get more and more hungry you become more and more likely to give up and head for the nearest Big Mac.

It is not too difficult to lose weight without exercise with a fast weight loss diet and there are plenty available. That’s fine if you just want to lose a few pounds for a party. But for long term weight loss exercise together with a healthy diet is really the best option.

If you want to lose weight long term without exercise, because you don’t like exercise, you must ask yourself how much you really want to lose weight. If there is a genuine reason not to exercise you must do your best to lose weight by diet alone. It is not impossible, the French seem to have no problems, but now we are discussing a change of lifestyle.

Many French eat healthy food, although not all French cooking is healthy cooking. But the real secret is portion size and taking time over their food. There is no tradition of super sized anything and fast food is avoided. Breakfast may be just a coffee and croissant; other meals are eaten off small plates perhaps with a leisurely glass of wine. Eat like this and normal activity takes care of the exercise.

So eat healthy food, have several small meals a day rather than three big ones and drink plenty of water. You will then be well on the way to losing weight. Those who say you must exercise to lose weight are wrong, but if you can manage 30 minutes exercise each day you will lose weight faster and more easily. If not keep to a healthy diet and small portions and in time you will succeed.

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