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Neck Stretching

When it comes to Neck Stretching there are a few guidelines you might want to consider. Poor posture, day to day living, and injury usually result in tense neck muscles. For decreasing the muscles tightness you need for some neck stretching. These stretching exercises are easy to perform and have a lot of benefits. You may perform these stretching exercises even by sitting you lying.

Neck Stretching

These stretches are huge during or after you day’s work on a chair. Your shoulder and neck get very tense, and they require being some relaxed. Do these stretches gradually, while breathing deeply. For each of the exercise, you should experience stretching your muscles and a slight furious noise comes as your spine move with your muscles if crack sound occurs it better to stop the stretching exercise, and go see a chiropractor.

It is warned from the physician professional that do not injure yourself when working with your neck. It is the most delicious part of your body, and if you work it indecently, you would injure it stably and you will run into constant pain afterwards in your life. So you should be careful about it. The simple and easy to follow neck stretching are as follows that make you relaxed.

  • Bend your head up and down, looking up to the ceiling and then look down on your chest. Repeat this exercise for ten to fifteen times.
  • Bend your head side to side as though you are going to touch your ears to your shoulder, all the time keeping your shoulders down, i.e. do not give shrugging to your shoulders, keep them back and down, with your chest in a straight position. Repeat this stretching exercise for ten to fifteen times at least for both sides. Do not force the bend, just focus on feeling a stretch of your muscles.
  • Turn around your head from one side to another side in a circular motion.
  • Cross all your fingers at the back of your head, and enlarge your elbows in the direction of and real (or imaginary) wall behind you. Hold this stretching position for fifteen to thirty second and keep breathing deeply. Pull you elbows as far back as possible, and feel the stretch in your chest and arms.
  • This stretching exercise helps you in relieving the stress at the base of your skull. Bump the head out on top of your chest, in the meantime providing tension to the neck muscles and by keeping your chin out and high. If you done it correctly, you will feel tension all along with the spinal cord in your neck, because the muscles press all of the vertebral column into their right position. You will also hear the sound of slight cracking. Be in motion of your head from one side to another slightly. Relax you muscles of neck and bring the head in correct posture back. Do not repeat this exercise more and more. This exercise may hurt your neck if it doesn’t practice in proper way.

These stretching exercises make your neck relaxed and make the muscles of neck flexible and that is most important of your proper work practice. So please follow these exercises in proper and right way in order to prevent injuries.

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