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Nordic Track Treadmills

The article touches upon the issue of Nordic Track Treadmills. A treadmill is a machine which a person to lose his weight that too without any harm to the body unlike other weight loss machines available in the market.

With the more and more consciousness developing among the people about their looks and weight, more and more companies are launching different models of treadmills with a great variety of features in those models. One such company has recently been very famous in the market for selling one of the best treadmills and providing an excellent service to their customers.

Nordic Track Treadmills

The company which is mentioned is called Icon Health and Fitness Inc. The treadmill manufactured by the company is called Nordic Track treadmill. Nordic track treadmills are well known for the wide range of treadmills they manufacture. These range from a basic treadmill from a high end advanced treadmill will the most sophisticated electronic features present in it. Nordic track treadmills provide an efficient belt with sufficient friction on which a person can walk, run and jog.

Features of a Nordic Track Treadmill

Nordic track treadmills have a wide range of price also. These treadmills range from $1000 to $4000. No treadmill company would provide such a wide range and variety in their treadmill products. Nordic treadmills provide a huge number features in itself.

These features range from the features of a standard treadmill to various advanced features like heart rate control check, heartbeat calculator, custom user defined functions, playing various audio track and fitness lessons, etc. moreover, the belt on which the person stands is very comfortable and made of anti slippery stuff. The person would never fell off the treadmill from slipping. The handle for holding the treadmill is also made such that the person could stand in a comfortable posture and walk or run comfortably.

Nordic track treadmills also provide a well designed display screen on which various modes of the treadmills are displayed in addition to the various additional features also. These features include heart rate calculator, speed control, ifit feature, etc. all Nordic track treadmill are ifit compatible. Ifit is a feature from which a person can download audio track and audio fitness lessons from the internet and play them in the treadmill using any audio CD player and headphones.

The console screen also offer preset functions and 2-4 customized user defined functions. The number of user defined functions available in the treadmill depends upon the model and make of the treadmill. A Nordic treadmill also contains a reflex deck technology which means when a person steps down a treadmill it gets flattened and retains its shape on stepping onto the treadmill again. In overall Nordic track treadmill is one of the best selling treadmill products in the market.

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