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Nordic Walkers have Spring in their Step

Do you know that Nordic Walkers have Spring in their Step? A while ago I posted a piece on Nordic Walking. At the time I thought it was a little high powered for Seniors and less dedicated walkers. I was wrong. To my surprise it was one of my most popular articles. So here are a few more tips on an excellent form of exercise.

Nordic Walkers have Spring in their Step

Walking poles should be the correct length. They should put the walker’s elbow at 90 degrees when standing tall. If they are longer or shorter this will put un-necessary strains on your muscles and make Nordic Walking tiring and less enjoyable.

Make sure you have the right tips on your poles. These should be metal for general walking but for pavements and other hard surfaces removable rubber.

Do not buy special walking shoes. Your ordinary shoes will be good enough while you decide whether of not to take up Nordic Walking. I would never advise beginners to spend money on equipment until they really know what they need.

You really will find it beneficial. You use many more muscles than with normal walking and burn 20 per cent more calories while walking at the same speed.

If you decide to try Nordic Walking do join a group, who will show you how to use your poles properly. It is easy enough when you know how.

Should you not have a group in your area David Downer, an ace Nordic walker, has written an excellent book, ‘Nordic Walking Step by Step,’ which  has 125 pages and can be downloaded as an e-book. This will teach you the fundamentals and much more.

To give you an idea of how comprehensive David’s book is he offers you the first four chapters free of charge, which can also be downloaded from his website.

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