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Pilates exercise ball for intensifying and adding variety to your workout

In the article I’ll tell you about Pilates exercise ball for intensifying and adding variety to your workout. Pilates is an exercise form that uses the body’s resistance itself to workout the body. However, there are some equipment that are designed to intensify the workouts.

A pilates exercise ball is one of these. Though most exercises are performed using just a Pilates mat, variety can be added to the routine with the help of resistance bands or the circle or the Pilates exercise ball. It is quite inexpensive and readily available in the market, one of the reasons why it is so popular.

Pilates exercise ball for intensifying and adding variety to your workout


One Size Fits All

Shopping for a Pilates Exercise Ball is very simple. You do not have to be concerned with size or material, since all Pilates Exercise Balls are quite uniform. It’s not the type of ball you buy that counts, but how well you use it. Along with the ease of making a choice, you will also not be at a loss to find an accompanying video to train you on its use. Most of the Pilates videos in the market incorporate a ball in some part of their schedule. If you prefer variety, search for a video that comprises of mat, weight and ball work.

Increased Performance

Pilates Exercise Balls is a simple method to add resistance to your Pilates workout. They won’t take up a lot of room like a Pilates machine, and also are very portable. If you have limited space, this is a wonderful addition to your workout equipment. Pilates Exercise Balls permit an extensive array of movements, enhancing familiar movements, and including new possibilities. Pilates Exercise Balls will compel you to acutely focus on balance and control. You will be creating a situation in which your stability will depend on your body’s capability to maintain a controlled position.

Pilates Exercise Balls can be used to tone your whole body and not just your abs. You can balance yourself using your legs and arms as well, which will lead to the entire body being well toned. If you discover that traditional mat work is a little too tough for you, you may find that an exercise ball will let you ease into Pilates more steadily than other methods. You will have more control over the quantity of resistance your body is fighting, and can reap the benefits of more difficult movements with a little support.

Pilates exercise balls will greatly benefit your back and spine, which are perhaps the most important parts of the body that keep it moving. Pilates movements involve rolling the back on the floor and Pilates exercise balls further enhance this process which is highly effective in massaging the spine. All in all, it can be said that the Pilates exercise ball is a valuable addition to your exercise equipment and making it a part of your routine will yield tremendous results.

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