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Pilates exercise instructions

Pilates exercise instructions to help you understand and gain benefits of the exercise. An exercise system quite similar to yoga is Pilates. The basic objectives of Pilates are enhancing the strength and stamina of the body through muscle conditioning and improving the mental faculty of those practising it.

Pilates exercise instructions

Pilates lays stress on breathing techniques, which is one of the main reasons why it is often confused with yoga. However, it is quite dissimilar to yoga in many respects and has its own set of principle and Pilates exercise instructions to guide people.

The Pilates Exercise Instructions Origins

Pilates is named after Joseph Pilates, a German citizen who first came up with this type of exercise. History shows that Joseph had fallen sick and was threatened with total paralysis at about 14 years of age. In order to avoid this dreadful possibility, he worked hard and put together a collection of a number of physical exercises that helped his body make a complete recovery.

Since then, this style of exercise has been branded as Pilates and millions of people from all over the world have learned this system through the hundreds of centres that are spread all around the world. The pilates exercise instructions focus essentially on strengthening of the different muscles by improving your posture and breathing styles. The pilates exercise instructions usually concentrate on balancing the body through different types of positions and with the help of equipments.

There are six principles that the pilates exercise instructions are built upon, and these are: (i) centring, (ii) precision, (iii) control, (iv) concentration, (v) flowing movement, and (vi) breathing.

In Centring the pilates exercise instructions focus on the muscles that are present in the centre of the body; the exercise starts here and moves outwards. The next principle, the Precision, gives attention to your movements. It must be performed precisely how it is supposed to be done and it should always be carried out after meals. This calls for a lot of practice otherwise the movements would never become natural.

In Control, you will have to learn to control your muscles all over the body and in Concentration the pilates exercise instructions will teach how to focus all your strength (mental and physical) in the complexity of the exercises. As far as Flowing movements are concerned, these exercises teach how fluid the human body could be.

The last pilates exercise instruction lays stress on breathing. It deals with the inhalation and exhalation process and how to employ this simple but vital process to enhance the effects of the other pilates principles.

It is quite easy to understand the pilates exercise instructions as there is nothing complicated involved in the process. What is tougher however, is following it regularly and with sincerity, in order to receive its real benefits.

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