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Possible Side Effects Of Protein Powder And Creatine

The article touches upon the issue of Possible Side Effects Of Protein Powder And Creatine. As you get more involved in your workout program, at some point or another there is a very good chance that you’ll begin looking at supplementation.  There are a number of very good supplements out there that can definitely assist with the efforts that you’re making in the gym and allow you to see that much faster of results.

Possible Side Effects Of Protein Powder And Creatine

Two of the most commonly used supplements, especially by those who are looking to gain lean muscle mass is protein powder and creatine.

Protein powder is designed to provide you with essential amino acids and easily allow you to reach your protein requirements for the day.  It’s quick, convenient, and prepared to digest rapidly in the body to get into the muscle cells as fast as possible.

Creatine monohydrate on the other hand is a precursor to the high energy compound ATP, which is going to be used to fuel each and every muscle contraction that takes place.  When your natural creatine stores run low, fatigue sets in and the intensity of your workout will drop significantly.  Creatine supplementation therefore helps prevent this.

But, what are the side effects of using each one of these?  That might be the top question on your mind right now.  Let’s take a closer look so that you can get the details that you need to know.

Protein Powder Side Effects

The side effects that you’ll experience with protein powder do tend to be relatively low.  Most people tolerate protein powder very well unless they are lactose intolerant, in which case they’ll want to seek out a lactose free protein powder. Since most protein powder is made from whey so considered a dairy product, it can upset the stomachs of these individuals.

The second side effect might be dehydration. This is only due however to the increased protein intake in your diet.  It wouldn’t make a difference if you took that protein shake or ate a chicken breast – your risk of side effects would be the same.  As long as you are sure to drink plenty of water when using this product, you should be able to avoid this one.

Creatine Side Effects

Moving along to creatine, this one has a few side effects to note as well.  Some people will find that they do experience some bloating when first starting to use creatine.

Since creatine does cause the body to retain extra water, you will instantly see your bodyweight shoot up. Take comfort in knowing however that this weight will be lost in a short time as you continue on with the product and the body regulates itself.

The second side effect that may occur is slight muscle cramping. This usually only happens at the start and is mostly due to the extra water within the muscle cell.
Otherwise, creatine tends to be relatively side effect free so is a supplement you can feel good using.

So there you have the main points to note about supplementing with protein powder and creatine along with the side effects you may notice. As long as you take care to use these properly, they are very safe supplements to assist your workout progress.

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