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Preventing Sports Related Injuries

In the following article I share what I learned about Preventing Sports Related Injuries. Sports are some of the major activities that people engage with during their down time. Some people are professional players that mkae a living from taking part in sports while others just do it recreationally.

Games that involve body movement from a one point to another quickly expose its participants to the risk of injuries while playing.

Preventing Sports Related Injuries

The following a few guidelines below can lower your risk of getting a sport related injury.

Use of Protective Gear

There are various types of safety gear that should be worn when playing different sports. For example, a helmet is used in cycling cannot be used in a football game. It is thus important to know what gear to wear while playing a particular sport.  Failure to wear such gear exposes the player to a high risk of being injured while playing.

Following the Rules of the Sport

It may sound simple, but a large number of injuries could be prevented if players obeyed the rules that govern every game. Foul playing has contributed to significant number of injuries on the playing field.  In some games, an official is required to guide players on acceptable guidlines when playing particular sports.  Players should strictly follow set game rules.

Keeping You Body Fit

Exercise is essential before playing any game.  It increases endurance and strengths muscles during playing.  Regular training helps condition the heart and muscles for readiness in the game.  Exercise also increases blood flow in the veins and prevents muscular spasms and tears.

Furthermore, it is importance to preform a light warm up exercise just before the start of a game. Warm up set the muscles in motion and prevents sudden strain when the game starts.

Avoid Playing When Tired or Sick

One is more prone to injuries when he or she plays when sick, very tired or injured. It is prudent to read body signals and warnings and act accordingly. Failure to this, one is prone to lose concentration while playing and cause an injury out of carelessness.


Professional athletes are required to rest between games or practices. Furthermore, they are required to get adequate sleep af at least eight hours at night. This gives the body time to repair torn tendons and replenish worn out cells with the required energy.


Feet act as shock absorbers. During playing, they are subjected to pressure many times the player’s body weight. Proper footwear cushions the feet from these loads. Different games exert different loads on the feet. It is advisable for one to wear game specific shoes. A football shoe may not offer the required cushioning in a basketball game. Furthermore, one should wear comfortable well fitting shoes while playing.

While many of these guidelines seem more like commonsense, it is amazing how may people neglect them.  It is important that you follow these injury prevention guidelines in order to stay on the playing field.  Remember that your safety is more important than a game.

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