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Quick Tips To Help You Set A New Personal Best

In the article I’ll tell you about Quick Tips To Help You Set A New Personal Best. Looking to boost the amount of weight that you can lift on a certain exercise in your workout routine? For many people who are serious about building muscle, along with their goal to add excess body weight, they also want to get as strong as they possibly can.

Quick Tips To Help You Set A New Personal Best

The feeling they get when they can press more weight in each lift they do is extremely powerful and rewarding, and something that keeps them coming back to the gym for more.

But, what if you seem to be stuck at a certain level and just can’t get any more weight up?

Then it’s time to employ a few strategies that can help you bust through that strength plateau and take the bar higher.

Let’s look at what you should consider so that you can get back on track again.

Hold The Weight

The first quick tip to help you bust through a strength plateau is to simply hold the weight in a position for as long as you can after the set is completed.  This is going to boost your nervous system response and cause the body adapt to more overall stress being placed on the system.

Additionally, the muscles will have to stay in a contracted state even when they are fully fatigued, so this can also enhance their strength potential. When you get to the end of the movement, count to five if you can and then lower the weight back down.

Drop The Weight

The second technique to bust through a strength plateau is to drop the weight downwards.  After you’ve finished your set, drop the weight by about five pounds and then perform a second set. Once that set is completed, drop the weight one more time and then do a third, getting in as many reps as you can.

This is commonly referred to as a drop set and is a very intense technique that can be great for helping you take your muscle building results just that little bit further.

Just be sure that you do maintain good form at all times as that will be critical to your success as well as for helping you prevent an injury.

Pre-Fatigue The Muscle

Finally, the last technique to bust through a strength plateau is to pre-fatigue the muscles.  This is done by performing an isolation exercise just before the compound movement that you want to increase the weight on.

Perform the isolation exercise for the helper muscle group that is going to assist with the execution of the lift and then you know it’s just that main target muscle working when you then go on to do the compound movement.

This is another very intense technique, so make sure that you do have a spotter present while doing it.

So there you have three great ways to push past a strength plateau and make sure that you continue on to see the gains that you’re after.  Plateaus are quite common, but if you don’t let yourself get discouraged and instead seek out a solution, you can get past them.

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