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Rapid Weight Loss Tips

The article touches upon the issue of Rapid Weight Loss Tips. Rapid weight loss depends on the diet which one eats and the exercise done. No two persons alike in this world and in the same way the metabolism of the also differs from person to person. If one follows a moderate diet plan and moderate exercise programme then success can be achieved in losing weight rapidly.

Rapid Weight Loss Tips

One should eat a balance a diet which contains all the nutrients in the required quantity. Deficient of a nutrient has a bad effect on ones body as well as excess intake a nutrient also causes harmful effect to ones body.

That why’s a proper diet plan is required daily for each plan. Because diet plan differs from one person to another person depending upon their age, sex, occupation etc. like a growing child needs more carbohydrates and protein in his diet. As carbohydrates provide energy, they need the most and proteins help in the growth and development of the bones and body.

Tips for Rapid weight loss programme:

  1. Drink plenty of water nearly 8 to 10 glasses of water.
  2. Fruits juice and liquid diet like soups are good for health.
  3. Avoid taking alcohol and soft drinks.
  4. Intake of beverages like tea and coffee should be avoided.
  5. Eat raw vegetables and fruits daily as they contain fiber which helps in proper digestion.
  6. Drink non-fat milk instead of whole milk.
  7. Avoid taking candies, chocolates and ice creams.
  8. Fried food items should be avoided.
  9. Spicy food should also be avoided.
  10. Non-vegetarian food should be avoided as they contain more fat.
  11. Use of fat or oil should be decreased.
  12. Sweetened food items should be avoided.
  13. Green leafy vegetable should be taken daily.
  14. Roasted and boiled foods are very good for health.
  15. Intake of dried fruits should be decreased as they contain good amount of fat.
  16. Quantity of rice intake should be reduced.
  17. Instead of two meals a day one can have four to 5 small meals.
  18. One should eat on time.
  19. One should maintain hygiene like washing of hands and brushing of teeth before and after eating foods.
  20. Eat in a comfortable and neat place.
  21. One should enjoy the food.
  22. Eat with peace of mind, while eating we should not do any other work like watching television, reading news paper, talking on the phone etc.
  23. Must do some sort of exercise to keep fit and healthy. Too much or heavy exercise is again not good for health. The need of exercise also differs from person to person.

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